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What Exists Beyond The Universe


What Exists Beyond The Universe


(How Space Came About-This Is A Portion Of The Article That Leads To What Potentially Exists Beyond This Very Universe) 

When Vapour or gas should move in a specific direction, it creates a form of intelligence,, and this same intelligence will soon or later be destroyed by the same vapour or energy, when in its eternal flow it comes back to destroy the same pattern or intelligence it first created. This may either be instantly, sooner or later.

Hence, the first production of intelligence was a positive action (+) and its second action of destroying its own intelligence, either sooner or later makes it negative (-). Hence, this same energy is able to have both positive and negative intelligences within it. This makes energy an unleashed power with positive (+) and negative (-) behaviours or intelligence, and so with power of protons (+) and power of electrons (-) existing within in it.

It means energy can actually create itself and destroy itself again. Now, this continuous cycle of producing its very own intelligence and destroying her with its very own intelligence, and the positive actions being crossed or cancelled out by the negative action, will cause nothing to exist, thus making the realm Null (0). The null-ness is what creates Space (the void), with nothing existing in it, except vapour.

Why Vapour? This is because Emptiness of Nothingness, in appearance, behaves as vapour or vapourizing gases, in an out of a realm. And so vapour is also known as Null (0) or a Void.

Thus, the same presence and flow of vapour is energy with positive and negative charges (protons and electrons (the atoms)) due to the positive and negative intelligent behaviours. Hence, this is why energy is a power with positive (proton) and negative (electron)- intelligence. Hence, energy existed in Space before Time but as Nothing. Hence, this is the reason for Space (the void) still having energies and charges flowing through its realm.

Moreover, this emptiness will create a ‘Hole’ in Space, in which nothing but only an energy of vapour will exist within it, and also beyond it. This hole will be a hole without end, or a deep hollow without an end, in the same realm of Space. Thus, apart from vapourization of gases, a hole or tunnel without an end will also be a second or another symbol of nothingness and emptiness of the realm.

This hole, which would exist in Space would have no end or limit, because its end shall still be of gas (the vapourization of gases) for gas is also a penetrative material. The hole will therefore be like an endless or a bottomless hole (being the black hole), Pit or tunnel, somewhere in Space. Another reason why this hole will be eternal is because, the hole is filled with energy. One property of energy according to science is that, energy cannot be created; neither can it be destroyed. Thus, if the energy cannot be destroyed, the gaseous energy of vapourization of gases, will not be destroyed, and thus will be eternal. Hence, this is why there is a Black hole. Later on, we shall understand why the eternal hole is ‘black,’ and thus called ‘The Black Hole.’

(Hence, if something should exists beyond the universe, it is nothing, and beyond this nothingness, is nothing as well). Thus, what would exist beyond the universe would be energy (the vapourization of gases), and it would be nothing and will as well be endless (eternal) by nature, in the form of gas.

By Prince Akogo.

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