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How To Overcome The Current Food Famine & Food Hygiene Issues Of The World

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How To Overcome The Current Food Famine & Food Hygiene Issues Of The World


(The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels)

The Introductory Message:
God has noticed our suffering in this world and knows about the present economic problems and will like to get us out of it. After 10 years of divine encounters, the Lord began to show me the causes and reasons for the world’s every day growing problems, and then ways in which we can solve them as a world, as nations, and first, as individuals, so that we can get our lives back in the right track.

Hence, this post is among a series of life-saving posts which I was led to write, in solving the world’s pending problem based upon God’s leading or directives. This may not be the beginning of the lists of posts, but you can as well read it, and then search for the others written in the series by me on this platform, to restructure and redesign more areas of your life.

Please, I recommend that you read the 2nd introductory message on which this post hangs, or else you will not understand a thing that is written here.


The 2nd Introductory Message on which this posts hangs:
According to the Lord, one of the rules of life we keep breaking as world is called, the ‘The Rule of Balance.’

This Law or Rule of Balance, is also known as ‘The Rule of Wisdom.’’

We keep breaking this rule of wisdom as a human world and that has been the root cause of our world’s current economic problems-as I was told.

However, though, there are too sides to this rule, there is only one I can explain to you right now.

The first rule of the Law of Balance states that;
Anything that is balanced is Perfect, and anything that is not balanced is not Perfect.

Now, according to the Rule of God, the things which are in Perfect Balance are in MODERATION. Thus, they are not done TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE, neither are they TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.

In other words, they fall within the Moderate level or Middle ranges on the platform, or on the scale.

Hence, they are NOT DONE IN EXTREME measures or levels. So then, they’ll not be at extreme levels, or parameters or ranges.

On the other hand, the things that are Imperfectly Balanced are done BEYOND MODERATION levels.

In other words, they are done ‘TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE or TOO HIGH and TOO LOW.

Hence, they are extreme and done beyond Moderation levels, or by their parameters or middle ranges.

According to the Lord, as it stands, this is what the world is doing, and as a result, we have been put beyond balance, causing us to fall and making us destroy the world gradually, in each sector of our lives.

Now, this is where the danger is, and it is the reason why there is continuing growth of social and economic issues inducing too much suffering among the whole human race.

Hence, the continuous breaking of the Law, which is also referred to as the Law, or Knowledge of Balance has been the major reason for the world’s problems till today, be it educational, social, management, political, health, relationship, transportation or financial problems; name them.

According to Him, concerning what He meant by saying that man is imperfect in most of his ways, He meant that most of the time man loves to do things out of the reach of balance, or out of the reach of moderation levels, which is beyond that Perfection Level as far as this Law or Knowledge of Balance is of concern.

Yet, everything beyond the Rule of Perfect Balance is surely never going to make us perfect and will surely induce problems.

Now, how do we know this? For instance, having too much salt or sugars in your body will be of a detriment to you. On the other hand, doctors say that when there are too little salt or too little sugars inside your body, it is equally not good. Therefore, to have all of them in moderation levels, it will best for you.

While the Lord spoke out these things, I was amazed to hear the words of wisdom that were coming out of His mouth.

So, in this case, when it comes to our economy, let us digest to see what happens when things are done imperfectly or two high/much or too little/low by the world, in that sector.

Now note: in each of the problems, God had also given suggested solutions to resolve them: so, make sure you find them, and to follow them for the sake of your own perfect security, in the dangerous times we live in.


The Effects Of Breaking The Law Of Balance Or To Go Beyond Perfection In The World’s Economy

Foods covered too tightly or too poorly sealed or covered, can both be a detriment onto us.

While the Lord kept teaching, He said that canned foods which are foods often closed too tightly, are poisonous or are a detriment to our health.

The first reason is that, they are not at room temperature or fresh as we are made to believe, and this lack of freshness is the first thing that is causing threats to our health.

According to Him, most people know the problems associated to these canned products, but they ignore them.

When there should be lack of freshness in any type of food, some important nutrients which are supposed to be in the food will be lost, and so it’s like you have just eaten chaff, just because there is no proper substance or benefit in what you just ate, beside the pure taste you may lose.

Many years back, when our grandparents planted vegetable, herbs, flower and fruit gardens behind the back of their houses, they usually went in for them fresh, dried them a bit, if necessary, before eating after cooking.

As many of them were eating direct garden or farm produces which were fresh and rich in important minerals or nutrients, it resulted in them living so long before they died.

Most of the important minerals were available in the fresh direct farm or garden produces which they harvested, and they ate them almost immediately, losing nothing of those important minerals.

Often, they do not make these vegetables last more than 3 days, or their dryness will consume a sizable amount of the important nutrients or minerals.

However, the main problems of canned foods are very simple; they are made to undergo varying temperatures.

First, canned foods are packed into freezers from their production houses.

They are then taken from the freezers and brought to the wholesaler. This wholesaler will keep them in her warehouses which may be dark or hot. This definitely causes the products to live under a serious different temperature, absolutely different from what was stated on the boxes or cans by the producers or manufacturers.

Yet, though there may perhaps be freezers in these wholesaling companies often times they do not also keep them in the required temperatures which have been written on the products. Some reasons behind these actions include; high cost of maintaining products, long power fluctuations, faulty electrical wires, faulty freezers, very high industrial electrical expenses and so on.

Almost every time, this issue keeps happening, when the products are being transported from location to location.

Now, when this should happen most of the chemical constituents of these canned or tightly sealed foods, are undergoing several unhealthy temperature changes.

Note that, every chemical constituent part of these canned foods, or too tightly sealed foods, or bottled water or beverages, have diverse chemical temperatures they naturally live or survive in.

Yet, at almost all times, these temperature ranges are breached, because while the temperature at one station may favour one or two constituents, it may not support the other chemical constituents these food products possessed. (Hence, this is why according to God, food (being a constituent of diverse unrelated chemicals), must never last long in any container more than 3 days), but should be eaten within, the shortest possible time.

So, by the third day at most, it should be finished, because, most boiled or heated foods, as designed by the Lord and by nature’s requirements lasts only up to three days.

Then again, in another warehouse of another wholesaler, or in the shop of a retailer, these products will also undergo a different temperature, and it may be so different from all the other temperatures it had certainly been made to endure, causing further breaches.

Well, such quality nature of food cannot be trusted by the time it gets to the consumer, who perhaps may also keep it in a different temperature within his room or fridges-a tangible reason why there are high numbers of food poisoning or cancer related cases recorded among consumers of these tightly sealed foods or canned products, all over the world.

When foods are too tightly sealed within their containers, the containers may attract more heat on the inside, especially when they are kept in places of high temperatures.

Well, all these result into a low-quality food condition, as well as into a poisonous or a contaminated state of food, by the time a consumer removes it from the shelf, after about a month, or perhaps, more, to consume. By this time, almost half of these essential nutrients have been lost.

Moreover, today, these unwholesome foods are what have been carried to our Online food Shops, Supermarkets, Malls and Super-marts to be sold to each one of us, without guilt; as well, they are also sold at the nearest mini or maxi shops by the streets, for our immediate consumption.

Some of these unwholesome cooked food stuffs, are equally sold at all major food restaurants or vendor locations, all across town. They’re sold across the length and breadth of all major towns and cities across the world.

History in the few years back, has shown us on how people had taken many of these foods in cans and were poisoned instantly.

Some of them had died or had developed some type of food cancers, allergies or other serious health conditions.

So then, according to the Lord, while these too tightly sealed, bottled beverages and foods, or basically canned foods, have a major issue of these important nutrients lost by temperature breaches, they will eventually not contribute to a full positive development condition, to our health, hence, the reason why we have a world of people experiencing low life spans, as compared to former generations, due to the gradual weakening of the immune system and bodily cells, which are not getting much daily quality foods to eat, in order to grow strong, healthy,  and to help fight diseases which are fighting against our bodies.

In short, we’re not able to live longer. When a body’s immune system has been weakened with low quality foods, of course there will be nothing it can achieve in the face of a fast-growing world of an exponential increase, which is associated with innumerable stress related issues, which are plaguing us each and every day; this will in the end result to our weaknesses and death.

According the Lord, what we mostly do not know is that, most incurable diseases and sicknesses are equally curable, but our immune systems have been compromised, through a production of low-class foods, in cans and plastics, to be consumed by us.

In fact, the truth is, those ‘refined’ foods have rather become the silent killers or consistent attackers of our immune system, currently igniting into us a poor diet when we consume them. They have rather become a detriment to our health than what should rather be considered as medicines to our health.

We must understand as a world, that food that that is produced in these low-quality states, will further attack and kill the human bodily cells; they’ll not improve them-the reason for the ‘cell-killing’ cancers!

We are aware that, most resourced persons in this field know the fact that, certain metals and foods must never come close together-same as plastics, which is because of their dangerous chemical constituents.

These foods we consume, must never have such metals as aluminium around them as their protective covers; however, in this age, we have found it wise to bring them together.

Most results provided by researches have convincingly proved that Aluminium, which is mostly used today us as food containers, leaks into the foods.

This is a well noted problem understood by the average Food Authority. ( They know that Aluminium is a number one threat to human health, if consumed.) Check online for more on this.

Besides that fact, a dangerous chemical like polythene and most plastics should equally never be brought closer to the foods we eat and drink.

Polythene bags, plastic rubbers and wrappers, though they all seem so beautiful as food, water or product packages, they are so dangerous to our health; they shouldn’t be brought closer to our foods. They are equally not healthful for our hands to touch them. It is because of what their constituents (the chemicals) they are made of. Some unrecognized particles can rub on your hands, after which you might probably use your hands to pick up some food to eat.

In fact, they more than always leak into the foods we eat, because a man who buys foods from the streets, will like to receive them hot in these rubber plastic containers or packages, which could lead to some of these leakages.

If you have probably heard, plastic contaminants leaking into the foods and the water we drink, is what the authorities call, BPA (Bisphenol).

Aside the chemical vapours that may enter or engage contacts with these water and foods we eat from them, there are often times when parts may tear and mix with up with the water and the foods, but unknown by us.  Now, this brings us to a realization that, this kind of economic system, is nowhere near the term ‘civilization,’ as you’ve often been made to believe.

You can’t destroy your health with cancers, and later call it civilization. When our life’s spans are gradually lowering, do we call all these setups as civilization?

All these have contributed to a low class of food, a poisonous kind of food indeed, which couldn’t be compared to what our forefathers ate, of which they got a sustained life, living a sort of beautiful life by which they gave birth to us.

Now, another worrying condition of much concern to us, and to the authorities is that, most of the consumers don’t know where most of these container foods are prepared or where in the world they come from, and what quality conditions they were prepared.

Yes-it is of great notification that, most of these tightly sealed foods or canned foods are not produced in very hygienic conditions at all; it is unknown to many; however, because they want to do it for mass production, and in a way to make good money, they certainly do it at the expense of human health, making a lot of lives come under health risks.

Meanwhile, a lot of hands touch these foods before they are brought to the customer, and that is the average person as a whole, be it the President, his wife, or the average man on the street.

For instance, as these foods pass through the markets, they are equally touched by so many hands-by the farmers, by the market women, by the labourers of manufacturing companies or production firms, by the truck off loaders, several with unclean hands, some of whom who had paid a visit to the toilets, but had forgotten to wash their hands.

They cared less.

So then, apart from the fact that you can’t guarantee the safeness of the conditions they were prepared or made to undergo during production hours, we also know that they equally pass through varying conflicting temperatures, as they move from warehouse to warehouse, and from shop to shop, accompanied with several hands which do touch them, much of whom we cannot guarantee how hygienic they were at the time. A lot of issues happen before they get onto our kitchen cabinets or shelves.

Well, as though all these problems were enough, our modern farmers, as seen in this day, will prefer to use harmful inorganic fertilizers to plant his or her crops, most of which have been known to be dangerous to our health, as most farmers will like to grow these crops too quickly to reach the growing and consistent demands, of his average supplier.

As production is a continuous process, the producers will like to go in for raw materials genetically-modified to grow quickly within a handful of days, than to wait for the right natural time of a healthy plant growth, so they can keep themselves always in production, hence, not lose a lot of money, at the expense of an average consumer’s health.

That is the realized truth. Yet after all these breaches, they add more inorganic ingredients during producing or production moments, which we know by reports, that are often a detriment to us.

It is obvious today, that we are not eating food-we are eating chemicals harmful to our systems. Currently, these foods have become potential immune destroyers or attackers, reducing our life span today, almost to nothing. Yet, we do know that good food is the best support for an improved lifespan. (Should we destroy the security of our health for money, while the strength of our health is based on quality food?)

In addition, they add up inorganic additives and preservatives most of which have also been noted by the authorities to be dangerous, after which the producer puts them in these dangerous packaging containers, so they could be transported under diverse temperatures, and by several middlemen.

Under no circumstance will such foods be guaranteed as wholesome for any man to eat, should the average producer or manufacturer in our time, tries to wash to clean them up with a further application of chemicals.

Had not the food quality been comprised by such dangerous fertilizers of the crop farmers?

Therefore, it is well a fact that most people are eating and drinking junk, a bunch of junk food raised from scratch.

Apart from all this, we also understand in the same process, that soil quality will be compromised, when some of these dangerous are used and they seep into the soil. In the end, these sorts of bad methods, will affect future crop yield, to constantly stifle the healthy growth of plants.

With regards to beverages, they are too carbonated, with the excesses which the body cannot take. At that ‘too much’ level, we put our bodies into a great risk.

With regards to environmental factors, the production or manufacturing of these foods being sold in cans, bottles, foils and in plastics, have for some time now, contributed immensely to the pollutions of our environment-through it, we see t air, wate, land, as well as noise pollutions. We know that most of these factories channel waste water, as well as other chemicals into clean water bodies of our environment, contaminating them, while others try to fetch the same out, to recycle them with inorganic chemicals, and then repackage them back into these plastic bags, bottles or fibres, for drinking.

When we further talk of air and noise pollutions, most of these companies end up introducing high fumes of poisonous gases into the serene atmosphere, out of which many air-borne diseases, have been introduced everywhere to affect nature, or basically, matter.

Such gasses, together with those produced by our motorists, contributed to the destruction of our Ozone Layer, to cause the popular problem of a greenhouse effect or simply, global warming. In many countries where there is improper industrial planning, noise pollution is a factor, to impede human wellness.

(All of these are linked up to our wrong food-production and processing methods.)


Hence, there are so many life-threatening issues associated to the production of these wrongly packaged or processed foods, which men and women consume on a daily basis.

We see life-threatening problems such as stomach upset, food cancers, malaria, diarrhoea, food poisoning, lung cancers, other air borne-diseases, land pollution, stress and stress related diseases, bad odour from gutters and death. Such disease conditions, bring further burdens to the sufferer or to even the guardian of the sufferer. As we can also see, these problems will definitely demand a great financial resource, to curb.

Frankly, this all means that the world has shifted out of balance.

So, though every canned food product, regardless of brand, may be affected by these qualities, the constituents within the cans are not perfectly wholesome, that is, not in the right balance. Both the container and the contents are often questionable indeed. If we should keep introducing these sorts of food into our system, how will the health of the average man be well secured?  No number of medical drugs can curb the damages, for food, according to the Lord, is the first and best medicine, to our health.

So then, the first reason why we all have to eat, is not to provide some form of enjoyment to our hungry souls, nor to satisfy our taste buds, but to introduce the best kinds of medicines into our beings, that can help us to see and live in the next day.

Eat to live; don’t eat to die, today!


Too Poorly/Loosely Covered:

On the other hand, we humans know that when foods are left too loosely opened or uncovered, they first and foremost, turn cold. Food which are too cold, may become very tasteless to the eater and may not attract him at all; that eventually means that, money is lost.

Together, time and energy, will also be lost, that instant.

We are also aware that open, poorly covered, or cold foods, can attract bacteria which move around in the open air.

Apart from that, flies, worms, insects, rats, cockroaches with other pests may get into them, reducing the food quality, and becoming a detriment to our health, as far as our securities are of concern. Domestic animals could put their mouths into our water and food bowls, if they are poorly covered, or have loose lids.

This can get you sick if you should eat them.

You could also attract a disease from that animal. Now, any of these problems could lead to waste and suffering by those who did not close the lid firmly, or left it opened.

Hence, that might be the reason why the authorities thought that, these foods must be tightly sealed in plastics, in cans and bottles, of course, by those production and manufacturing companies; however, sadly, that ‘too tight’ standard, within these containers, has not also been good to us at all, shifting us out of balance. Thus, the balance of our health is shifted, whether they are too tightly covered, or too poorly or loosely covered by us, as everything at the extreme ends, can be a big detriment onto our lives, as biological humans.

All the stress piled up in us, by eating wrongly, causes people to have accidents; drivers can sleep when driving.

Above all things, it has also been realized that people who eat inorganic foods, never truly get satisfied.

This can be proved scientifically.

Now, while rich organic foods satisfy the cells, food produced inorganically do not satisfy the hunger of the cells, since they do not possess good or proper food nutrients. Food, is all about the healthy growth of the cells, and a healthy growth of the bodily cells, result into the healthy growth of mankind.

So why won’t man feel hungry again right after eating a bowl-full of food, if most of the constituents are made inorganically?

We keep growing hungry too early; so, we ask for more, do beg others for more and often times, will have to steal to get more, if the need doesn’t not arrive. That means, there is a problem with these foods we eat; it is just that, it lacks the vital healthy nutrients; looking so beautiful appetizing, they aren’t biologically healthy, nor natural.

It is a lot dangerous when the body cannot take what it doesn’t feel like taking.

Now, this is the most disturbing thing; it is when a man gets his cells triggered by these inorganic foods, yet wouldn’t get money out of the stressful economy to buy food to quench this unending thirst and hunger, and neither has money to buy the medicine to heal the health issues that come with consuming such kinds of unhealthy foods.

Well, it means that, he is soon going to die.

Then people become angry and frustrated because of the foods they ate, which they thought should be enjoyable, but rather caused psychological and health problems within their beings.


The Solution for this:

So, the solution will be for all of us to cause foods to stay within balance, and these problems of food and their health issues will be resolved. According to Him, we must try and keep foods a little fresh or warm, and to eat foods not too late from the time they are prepared, which will fall in the moderate time zone, as a result, not too sealed or too uncovered, to avoid these problems. Food not eaten far away from when it was cooked or prepared will be much healthier, containing all the nutrients.

This will of course keep the food warm. He said that food kept warm is best for the body, and not the extreme ends of being too hot or too cold which will burn the cells of the tongue or affect the teeth.

Other great advices the Lord gave were that, we should eat grilled foods more and extremely less of fried foods. By staying in moderation, our foods must not be too cooked, or too uncooked before we eat them. Even fresh vegetables can have high acidic contents which are not good for the body.

Regarding the development of the economy, it is will be perfect if all families strive to keep a sizeable garden behind or at the side of their homes, and by this, as a hobby, grow crops which they will personally monitor.

He said that we are not supposed to expect others (farmers, producers and manufacturers) to do things safe, 100% right, or healthy for us. That can’t happen. The home is also meant for a garden, not only a sleeping ground. The garden is the healthy basket for the whole family, and the people should manage and keep it with their families or relatives.

They must not add inorganic fertilizers and chemicals, but organic manure, which they may find in their homes, as it’s not the way of farmers which grow in large scale for these production and manufacturing houses.

This activity will help a great deal with problems of poor harvested foods. This will help in boosting the family’s immune systems. They should keep herbs, shrubs, and importantly, medicinal plants within their farms and personal gardens. These herbs and shrubs are by themselves food, as well as medicines.

This hobby should be as one who is planting a flower garden in his house, and they should water these crops frequently. In no time and with enough patience, they will grow as healthy plants. There is joy in keeping such a hobby, which brings peace to the soul as you meet and always interact with nature.

We all know nature seems to have some healing effects, and this is what also helps us, in boosting up and developing our mental health, hence reducing our psychological stress.

So, by doing these activities, they will also get the foods fresh at home, and also avoid the problem of products and services going through several hands of middle men, whose purity cannot be guaranteed. This will further help them to avoid inorganic foods or food treated with chemicals or genetically modified foods (G.M.Os) by these companies.

When they harvest them, they should also inspect these foods from their own private ‘farms’ called gardens, wash them thoroughly and clean them well, before preparing meals with them. Engaging in such works, will in turn build their muscles, which will keep them strong. This in the end, increases their life span.

You do not only save your health, but others who live with you, especially your children, whose immune systems are improperly developed. It will cause you to save money as well because you will be able to avoid problems.
In this case you do not leave your health to the detriment of others. When we come to the second Rule of Balance, which is also called the Rule of Wisdom, we will come to learn that, it is important that man controls about 90% of his or her own life, and must not leave it in trust of others, who are most likely to manhandle it in a low way, due to their greed or selfish ambitions, wickedness, envy, jealousy, as well as for the love of money, as a result of the growing high and difficult economic pressures, hitting one’s door.

By the Lord’s advice, if leaders do this, it will reduce the problem of absolute quality food shortages in the economy drastically. It will also keep the human resource strong, and will maintain the strong financial economy as well, since families won’t be lacking food, and it will save families more money as well, help them develop healthy babies because of safe and good produced foods, provide a good health security for themselves, reduce death and the associated problems, begin to cause people to interact more with nature, hence boosting their emotional and psychological health, in the long process.

It will also reduce deforestation practices, that is, reducing the greens in our environment, which will in turn give every family shade from the burns of the sun, though the ozone layer is currently destroyed. Furthermore, it will re-initiate healthy living, as well as providing us with a continuously clean and natural fresh air, due to a complete ban of canned products, and re-planting of fruit and vegetative trees by all, and sundry.

More trees will also mean more medical plants for health purposes if there should be a need; good food is medicine, so the ‘peace of mind’ will be restored, and by so doing, reduce the rate at which people become stressed up from unpleasant odour from choked gutters, floods, littered environment with plastic bottles and cans, as well as many other related problems.

For your own good, it is good to have your own paradise and your own Garden of Eden at the back, front or near your house, and you the parents, and your children should personally cultivate that garden. Like God, though, you may have servants as angels, yet do not leave it in the hands of these strangers, as God also did not leave it in the hands of angels who were personally His home servants.

Or else, how will the children learn to build their own homes and personal gardens for their future families, when they grow up as adults? How should they take care of their own families?
By not leaving your health into other’s hands, you should understand that, this is your ministry and you must do this lovingly with the wife of your youth.

The Lord said to me that, if possible, we should also acquire lands outside the home to actually cultivate farms in support of the home-grown gardens, which are for immediate consumption. Part of these crops could as well be sold as well, to generate income. To sell, we could make a stall in front of our homes and sell the excesses in the store.

Now, some of these crops which families of the nations can grow in their home gardens, should include cocoyam, lettuce, yam, plantain, garden eggs, corn, maize, groundnut, cassava, cabbage, okra, pumpkin, tomatoes, moringa, dandelion, and there are several hundreds of them.

He said that these families can as well plant fruit-trees in these farms and gardens. Some of these fruit trees too, they can also plant in the compound of their homes include the pawpaw fruit, pineapple, apple, banana, plantain, coconut fruit, Palm trees, mango, cashew, guava, as well as many others.

Well, He adviced that three important trees we are to make sure we plant within the gardens of our homes include the Citrus fruits, particularly the Lemon fruit, Palm trees and then the Coconut plant. These three have so much importance, and are needed by every home because of their immense benefits. Two of such importance are; they provide shade and cleaning effects to your body. In another post, we will talk more about them.

Apart from these ones, they should not forget plant medicinal plants or herbs also within their farms. (NB: These medicinal plants can be sold or processed into the treatment of diseases or sicknesses.

These families could add detox plants as part of the medicinal plants, which can help them to detoxify their systems from time to time, in order to relax their bowels. They may also decide to add flower gardens or orchards, if the soils are fertile for such types of plants. We also to add green healthy herbal and tea plants too to our farm or home gardens.

In fact, I have realized that with less than 200$, you can get varieties of organic vegetables, plants, fruit trees and flower seeds from the market or from an online store.

Yet, this may be the only investment you will probably make in buying seeds to grow your garden, since the plants are expected to give you seeds afterwards.

Then also, we are to place garden chairs within our gardens or farm lands in order to rest within intervals whiles working on our farms or within our gardens, so we don’t become overwhelmed, in the process.

He added by saying that, apart from crops, we should consider rearing domestic animals. These may include livestock animals such as sheep, cows and goats. This habit may save us from eating genetically modified ones, served to us from the markets, which are unhealthy to us.

For pets, cats, dogs as well as beautifully tamed parrots, could be used. It means that birds and other endangered species, will begin to find themselves in town once again, as they will find trees such as fruit trees to nest on. It is the way to preserve the Ecosystem, which has been currently destroyed.

Indeed, everybody must acquire these farm resources at home, including the leader-the President.

The Lord also adviced that, instead of plastic cans, aluminium tins or foils, we should try to use clay, ceramics, earthen ware bowls, cups, mugs, tea cups, jars and so on, to store or keep our food and water. Bronze, silver or gold cups should also be considered. However, not tin nor aluminium, which are currently used today. We may equally make spoons and ladles out of them. For instance, wooden ladles and chopping boards.


Re-Organizing Our Economies

The government, according to Him, should immediately engage in large plantation farms; into the planting of the same kind of crops, fruit trees, herbs, and as well as livestock, which are being reared by the people.

Examples of these include lemon tree plantations, banana tree plantations, cocoyam tree plantations, yam tree plantations, as well as, large-scale animal rearing, like goat, sheep and all types of poultry.

Apart from doing this, they should make sure they engage into planting of those crops, fruits and shrubs, which the people cannot plant in their personal home-grown gardens. For example, such crops which may not be found in the people’s home gardens include cotton, cocoa, millet, timber, shea butter, lumber and rice. The government will then be supplying these to the people.

As labour, members of the families should be employed to work on these farms, and they should be made to run on shifts. These workers, apart from working at home will as well benefit from these plantation farms, during the harvesting periods.

Some of the farm produce from these state-owned large plantation farms, should be stored and preserved with pure organic preservatives in huge government store houses across vantage places of town, so that when there are shortages anywhere, they can supply them. They will also be kept in these vantage areas in the cities, to await the dry seasons most especially, for most of the time, in the wet seasons, a lot of family homes will have food, so they wouldn’t need much supplies from state-owned farms.

Meanwhile, these homes are to be adviced to save more for the sake of the dry seasons, a time when it is important for the land to rest from its labours and to revitalize its energy.

Which wise family wouldn’t do that, anyway?

So, since these families are already in production of these crops and fruits in their home gardens and personally owned farms, it will by far reduce the pressure on the government alone to supply all of these harvested farm produce and livestock reared, to feed the economy. There will be bumper organic harvest, and even excess harvest most of the time in the primary economy. In addition, because the people are cultivating their healthy crops and rearing livestock in their homes, there wouldn’t be the need to increase yield by use of inorganic fertilizers.

The Lord added that the leaders and their officials are first supposed to benefit from these farm produce from the plantation farms before taken to the market centres. Meanwhile, they are also to have servants to work in their private farms and gardens.

According to the Lord, the benefits of doing this are enormous: by His advice, if leaders do this, it will reduce the problem of famine or food shortages in the world; well, not just food shortages, but quality food shortages.

This will prevent them from considering the use of Genetic Modifications, which are unsafe and unhealthy methods indeed, aimed at harming the human race. This modified system keep their human resource very strong and healthy. There will not be a need for many public hospitals, because the people wouldn’t fall sick often.

The system will also maintain a strong financial economy, since families will not lack food most of the time, as their crops, animals and fruit trees, will produce in a cycle, without of replacing them with too much money, from time to time. As you buy your first seed and grow your family garden, you will realize that, the garden will produce seeds for you to replant. This may help you to save more money. It will help you to spend money on what you do not have or cannot plant at home. You won’t always have to look for money food stuffs. Besides this, government will have surplus in the nation’s store homes, at considerably cheaper prices.

It is the same with animals; both plants of all kinds and animals are continuous producers; in order words they will keep providing for you after your first investments. Not too much agricultural investments afterwards.

In actual fact, there is no kind of best trading system or investment in the world which men have ever created better than these, because they most often don’t lose. Always and always, these crops and animals are in production, when they are cultivated properly, especially organically. Doing this business together with owning of lands, are the best natural and most profitable economic businesses you can find.

So then, it will save the family much money, develop healthy babies because of safe and good food, provide a health security, reduce economic stress and its associated problems of death, cause people to have contact with nature, that is, their environment, drastically reduce deforestation practices which is a habit of reducing the greens in our environment, while the greens will also save each family from too much sun burns. So, as more trees are planted by each family, it will provide a continuously clean and natural fresh air from these plants and vegetative trees. As healthy food is medicine, people will have peace of mind and rest within their souls. God also adviced that, nice organic flower trees are planted across the length and breadth of the country. We should not forget to add coconut fruit trees, lemon trees, orange trees and flowery palm trees, like date palm trees, especially on the side of our streets.

As the winds blow, they, together with other flowery plants, will begin to produce sweet scented air across the entire environment, to clean our air.

Workers who are tired may pluck some to eat. These coconut fruits may be the natural juice of water to quench our thirsts, instead of drinking of unwholesome water in rubber sachets. In the heat of the sun, coconut produces relaxation to the nerves and an instant energy drink, to us. The branches of these canopy trees, should also create a shield for people, any time they are in town from the scorching sun.

Grass can be cultivated and planted across the length and breadth of the country to reduce high temperatures on the ground. Yet, they are to be well trimmed by us. Even if bricks will be used for the pavements, they are to be burnt, so they will be cool under our feet. Beautiful monuments from clay, carved wood and from bronze, could be placed upon these beautifully well-trimmed grasses, in the towns. They are be natural; no artificials at all.

When our home-grown crops and as well as the state-owned plantation farms mature, the government is supposed to ban all these plastic products completely. When they are banned, the gutters of our surroundings should to be cleared and the refuse dumped well, or burnt perfectly.

As the gutters will not be chocked again, it will as well reduce other economic problems drastically. The practice will help in getting rid of malaria, diarrhoea, cholera, and fly infestations, which kill thousands every day in the world, most of whom who are usually young children or infants.

The practice will reduce the problem of flooding, caused by chocked gutters through dumped plastic containers and cans, which were formerly deposited into city gutters, and had aided in destroying lives and properties, as well as taking much of government expenditure, during such unfortunate times.

In the end, when such problems are curtailed, there will be more money saved by the government, as well as less hospitals needing to be built, by us. The Lord will also fulfil the numbers of our days.

In short, water, land, air and noise pollutions will be resolved if plastic products are banned, to be replaced by this simple economic style of obtaining good food, in their organic forms, as well as in large quantities.

Our accumulated stress, which has been due to eating the wrong foods, and living in a badly constructed environment, will be reduced drastically, almost to zero.

Today, this generation must understand that, all these have happened just because we went out of balance. Not all these things we see around, are considered gold.

He added that an economy is not largely ruled on money, for instance, on several billions of dollars. It is ruled & controlled by resources. It is ruled by His wisdom, which is in the Knowledge of Balance, to keep the economy perfectly stable. Now, according to Him, this rule, is the first perfect wisdom He had equally used in designing this very universe. He had created the whole universe, first with wisdom and with much faith, when no money was there to show faith.

The place of money in our world today, is to come in to move resources to their rightful places, after the economy had been scrutinized and designed with the Law of Balance, being the same rule God uses, for the Economy in Heaven.

In order words, having money to move junks of foods in and out of the economy, will not render this current economy, any good.

So, it will be better if we all go home to begin cultivating some crops and to rear animals organically, so we can accumulate for this economy, the bumper harvests of quality foods for our consumptions.

So now, you now imagine; in a group of ten, if two people, are working to feed the whole 10, there’ll be shortage, because they can’t feed all.

Meanwhile, if the 8 are also helping to feed the whole 10, then wisely enough, there is rather going to be surplus of the very same quality goods.

Due to the fact that, today’s food economy is being left in the hands of few cultivators, there are shortages on the average markets, on quality foods; this is what is beginning to hit us with this great famine.

Today, should you and I go into it like the 8, there’ll be enough surplus to avert the problem of food hygiene and food famine.

May God bless you.


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