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 Two Ways We Can Save At Home

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 Two Ways We Can Save At Home: the Lord reveals


Point 1:

One way we can save at home according to the Lord, is to learn to manage our income by setting up a management system on your gadgets and on their usage (that is, management of our utilities).

Therefore, if you have people living with you, you better let them know how they can save the power usage by putting all gadgets off when not using them.

By doing so, we will not be spending so much on paying for utility. Thus, it may take a very long time for the utilities to be exhausted at our homes.


Point 2:

Similarly, watching or listening to programs which will not be of benefit to you, is also a waste of electrical power.

Therefore, not everything should you use your current to watch on your T.V set, or listen on radio or you should be using your computer to operate, such as playing too much games, too much watching of movies and other computer programs.

They contribute to the wasting of your time, energy and money, as the days go by.

So then, you must protect both the time and soul of your children, as well the resources of the house such as gadgets in the house, including power from being used for the purposes which are not beneficial to the development of the entire home.

Using ‘very productive resources’ for unproductive activities or purposes, is a waste in general. By the time you will want to use them for their rightful purposes, they may be unavailable or fully exhausted. Wouldn’t that be a waste of precious resources?

Most especially, we are to control our children and to prevent them from watching unproductive T.V programs. They are to be taught how to come out of such wastefulness. They should be advised on not throwing things around. So then, when your children are not handling the home’s resources properly, teach them to do so.

When they are abusing resources, rebuke them. Make sure you discipline them. In the end, they will grow up to become frugal and responsible adults.

Servants with you should equally be taught to do same. They should be taught to use home resources for the right purposes.

In the end, you will be having much control over your things if you used not to do so.  We must learn to save more. We are not supposed to spend so much on certain utilities which could actually be avoided.

Learn to manage our home well.


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