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 Increase Productivity By Rendering More than One Service Now

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 Increase Productivity By Rendering More than One Service Now

Render another service now:
If you’re in the ‘service rendering’ business then now you’d have to render more services in addition to what you’re already doing to gain more money especially in these hard times.

Well, perhaps, what if perhaps the reason why your business isn’t going that fast, or is not running that fast is because of the fact that it’s only ‘one’ service, you’re rendering?

Sometimes, understand that, not very much can be made out of just a single service business!

So then why not think about other good services you can add up  to increase your chances of gaining more? (Usually, I see people undertaking just only one kind of service business, and that could be the reson why they’re not selling that much, in the business).

(That was also one of the things the Lord said to me).

However, in this wise, or in the event of selling many services that could help you earn a lot more than you’re doing, and as well, will bring you a lot of contracts and customers
to your businesses, because different kinds of services may be attracting different
kinds of customers!

This could also then draw enormous attention to the initial or first service business you were
already into, to now get market for it too!

Indeed, more services could draw more customers to your shop, for you to earn more!

Even, sell services which are not even in your industry, in your hard economic time!

So, according to the Lord in a time such as these difficult times, it’s important to sell more than one service, if you’re into the service businesses! As people know you do more than one servicethen they know they can get more from you than just that one(1) thing! Yeah,
in that case you’re now going to get more than you were getting, and all these monies will now be boxed down with you, or will stay with you!

You’ll now be smiling, for taking that bold and great decison from then onwards!

Thank You!

Prince Akogo

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