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Get All Your Family Members To Work

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Get All Family Members To Work


One of the reasons why there are financial burdens in some family homes is because, while there are few people doing all the work, the others are not supporting, yet, depending on the few hard-working family members.

The Lord said to me that, this has to stop. All able-bodied persons in the house should find a job and equally work to support the development of the home.

For a house to develop, it will not be reasonable for just one person or for few persons to work and to bring home money, while the others are in the house absolutely doing nothing.

So now, why are the able-bodied persons in the house not doing anything?

Should they also go out and work to bring home money, they will also help to ease up the financial burdens on the breadwinners or on the only person or the few persons, who are working to take care of everything. 

For instance; if just two people are the breadwinners, the financial pressure will be mounted on only those two people. However, if there are more able-bodied persons in the house, who will also decide to work to contribute to the upkeep of the house, the burden will be shared among all of them. Meaning, the quota each person will bring will even be small, easing up the financial burdens on the first two breadwinners.

So, if I was the only one who was bringing 50 dollars to take care of the house, 50 dollars will be all that we will spend, in that house.

However, should two or more people join the bond-wagon to work and should come in to support with at least, let’s say, just 10 or 5 dollars, my burden will seriously reduce. Therefore, I will only have to bring 5 or 10 dollars, now.

So, my struggles as a sole bread winner will be minimized to that 5 or just 10 dollars, of the total amount.

Now, what about if I was the one bringing in 50 dollars and now 4 more people joined me, to equally become breadwinners, where each person after working, can afford to support or help with 50 dollars per their contributions, our house should see 250 dollars (that is 5×50) for house upkeep.

This helps bring increase and riches into the house and thereby attacks the problems of struggles or lack or the issue of consistent inadequacies in the house.

This was why the Lord had asked, ‘What are the able-bodied persons doing in the house?’

Set them out to go and work to help pay the bills.

So then, if they do not want to work, they are not helping you, neither helping themselves in the short or long runs.

However, when the burdens are shared between all of them, you too can minimize your expenditure, and save money for other private purposes. 


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