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Preserve Food At Home To Save Your Money, Time & Energy

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Preserve Food At Home To Save Your Money, Time & Energy


It’s more advisable to cook and to eat your meals at home; however, it’s not advisable to cook each and everyday. So, it’s important to cook so that your food (let’s say, your stew or your soup), can last you about 3 days. 

The practice will help you save money, time and energy, which are valuable resources. Aside that, the practice will help you save the type of fuel you’re using for cooking, either kerosene, electricity, firewood, charcoal or LPG.

These fuels have been so expensive nowadays, which will add up to cost of your daily food production. 

Therefore, instead of cooking 30 minutes everyday of the week to make small bowlfuls of meals, why not spend the very same 30 minutes or a bit longer, to make a big bowl of meal that can last or be preserved to be consumed by us, for at least 3 days?

It’ll help us cut down unnecessary daily expenditures on food; all we’ll need to afterwards, is to warm the food, and then you’re good to go.

It’s advisable to consider that.

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