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Proper handling of All Business Assets Must Be Important To You

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 Proper handling of All Business Assets Must Be Important To You

Indeed, when God told the children to carry the Ark of Covenant properly with a stave, it meant that proper handling of boxes, items, packaged items and whatever it is no matter it’s size (or how big or small it is) is very important to God who’s a good manager; yes, He wants us, to be like Him as His children!

Now, when He had told His servant Adam to also replenish the earth it meant a lot that God also wanted the earth too no matter how big or small it is, to be managed by us. These were indeed God’s properties (products), and of course, He wants us to properly manage it for Him.

So you too, proper handling of tools and also your items which you know you bought expensively, must be handled well by you and must be taken care of.  

So just as home, at the workplace too, packaged products should be held by you and your employees very carefully IN ORDER FOR YOU TO SAVE MONEY. Ah, you shouldn’t have to spend money buying items which you’d already bought!

Seriously, this will surely increase the costs of your production at the workplace!

So then, for companies to save monies and not waste them we need to handle our items carefully.

As I said of the house too that doing this at home with your wife and children are very important, how you carry (your carrying or hand-held skills), should also be on point!

There are skillful ways we carry each and everything. For example, the way we carry a jar of olive oil is different from the way we hold bags of rice.

So, the skill for carrying each of these items at the workplace is undoubtedly different, and must be on point so that these items don’t fall down, break, crack or should become deformed!

Moreover, we all know, that when the packaging of company products are deformed as a result of, poor handheld skills, customers wouldn’t like to take them -and you know you may be losing money or wasting resources as a result of that!

This also includes how products are offloaded or on-loaded into a car or into a company vehicle!

So in all cases every item at the workplace must be handled with care

 It pains to buy, or to build them again!

It pays to handle a single pin with care, even at the workplace!

Love And Peace!


Prince Akogo



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