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Try To Search For Your Job In This Way

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Try To Search For Your Job In This Way


If you’re tired with job search, why not consider trying again?

Just ask God for a job and whatever job God gives you, be willing to do it.

Often times, we go about asking God for a particular kind of job which is probably not He’d like us to do.

Trust me, if that job you’re asking is not in God’s will, He may not answer such prayer requests. Perhaps, answering such a prayer request may lead you into trouble in the future: you can never tell.

So, why not be open-minded and ask God for any job that He will like you to do? When you put the ball in His own courts, He’ll make the shots for you, making things easier for yourself.

However, before you take that step, make sure you’re in good standing with him, asking Him for forgiveness of your sins to avoid any spiritual or physical blockages. Once you do that, and then pass the ball to Him, He’ll easily make the shots for you, giving you the jobs He will like you to do.

Often times, these divinely given jobs are based on reasons best known to Him.

In short, you’re avoiding to pray amiss, as well as not wasting your time, energy and time searching for jobs at wrongful places, which will not work.

Whatever God gives you, be willing to do it.

That suggested job-offer from God may not necessary be where you’ll be forever. It may probably be for just a short period. Perhaps, in that new job, is where you’ll meet the actual job you have been asking Him for.

Why not start this strategy right now? 

You may think of laying up a fleece like Gideon, to be sure of what His perfect will is. Then, go ahead to act upon the clear message you receive. So, all this while, God might have been silent over your several job requests, because where He’s looking at, is not where you’re looking at.

If you had done this by now, I am sure He would have answered your job requests by now, instead of thinking He’s dead silent.

Trust God to make great decisions for you. As a son, you should always expect your Father to make the best of choices for you. 

(In fact, that was how a couple of people received jobs, having told God to lead the way in their job search activities).


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