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Seek Up A Job With This Idea

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Seek Up A Job With This Idea

Now, the Lord again said to me:

‘‘The first groups of people you may have to ask them for help for a job are friends and family relatives, both near and distant ones.”

Being very close to you, they should the first people among all others to understand your primary needs. At that moment, a number of them may be working or might have fixed themselves somewhere in the job or business markets, making them reliable to be of help to you.

Until you fill them in with your situation, a number of them may not be aware of your current situation. Some may have their own businesses in which they can immediately create a vacancy for you to be employed. 

So then, if you haven’t considered this clear option by now, then pick up a phone and start dialling their contacts.

This action could lead to the breakthrough you need.


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