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Why Not Dig A Well At Home?

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Why Not Dig A Well At Home?


This is also a point the Lord raised concerning financial management at home.

I used to think it is only poor people who have ‘‘wells’’ in their homes. However, recently, I took a walk through a very rich community.

In one of the homes which I admired (actually the most beautiful home in that rich community), I saw them drilling up a ‘well’ in order to tap water underground.

I became surprised.

Immediately after seeing that, the Lord’s Spirit spoke to me:

‘‘I brought you here to come and see this.’’

Well, according to His wise counsel, every house or every home should be able to dig up a well in the compound of their homes or somewhere in their home, to tap water underground, especially if they can detect water underneath the land.

Should everyone acquire well water in their homes, this will lessen their financial burden and dependency on the national grid.

This could mean that, they may not be paying for utility bills on water, again.

As water is a resource which will always be needed to be ‘used for ‘life-time’ activities and therefore cannot be done without, building yourself a well in the compound of your house, will cut down for the home, huge life-time expenses.

This was exactly what I suppose that wealthy house, of that great neighbourhood I had visited was trying to accomplish. Yet, one may think if they are so rich, they shouldn’t be doing that.

After seeing that ‘sign’ in a rich neighbourhood, I had concluded that, somethings are actually not only meant for the poor. Water is becoming an expensive commodity in our world today, even by the price being sold to us by Public Utility Companies. Therefore, it will be better for all to take the Lord’s advice, critically.

Well, at least, I guess God would have done so, if He was among us here on the earth.

Thank you!


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