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God’s Business Plan For The Youth: How To Do Business With Almost No Money

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(God’s Business Plan For The Youth & For The Economy: How To Do Business With Almost No Money)


The Introduction

With lots of love:

Our global economy has become uneasy for many people today due to the Covid effects and the records or statistics are showing this.

So many people have tried to get jobs to do but have not been able to achieve that potential goal.

A number of them who used to get full time jobs years ago, no more have the luxury to do so.

Yes, today the markets have become so competitive and people are just losing their jobs.

Without a doubt, it has been realized that many of the unemployed, as well as the suffering masses fall within the ‘youthful’ class, and they make up the majority of the global village, a people who have their precious lives to build while precious time and age is also catching so fast on them. Yes, though many of these are known to have completed school years back, unfortunately, they still do not have jobs to do.

Even though their governments for years have tried to do their best and to keep their promises of finding or creating jobs for them it has become as though it is never ever going to be realized since the number of people who yearly complete the academic ladder, far surpasses all the job they have always been able to create per the time. (In fact, this huge problem is beginning to wear up on successive governments and so now or in the primetime, the only thing the governments have to do is to just try to manage the un-ending problem).

In view of this, was when God said He will duly give me an economic development plan to solve the issue, which is first the people create their own businesses out of their own expense, yet without so much financial involvement or investments. In the event, if practiced globally, it will alleviate the global economic issue. (Now, this was after my 11 years of divine encounters).

In these style of businesses, money does not really become the barrier to the people, as it often has.

Meanwhile, this is not because this plan of God is the easiest way out, but it is the best way out anyone can follow to become successful in any field of endeavour he or she, may like to achieve something in.

In actual fact, this is what God had planned and thought that every man should have done, in his field of endeavour. 

Simply, it is the kind of business where anyone can sit at home and do it or operate it, and still make great money for himself or for herself.

I actually realized that, many great men and women all over the globe knowingly or unknowingly practiced this particular system, and had become successful in life or in the field of endeavor their hearts felt they should follow.

(So therefore, in the few spaces below, and in an attempt to help the whole human race today, was when the Lord gave me steps to achieve your dreams, in their step by step order. Enjoy them and have them change your economic life. Therefore, today, irrespective of what the Covid is fully spitting out we can still change our economic lives today; not only us but our whole economies at large. Read the few pages and get it done.

There should be no more delay.


Step 1

Fill Your House With Enough House-Hold Products


 The first strategy according to the Lord is for each one of us to go the markets and go get for ourselves some FOOD PRODUCTS-FOOD AND WATER SPECIFICALLY-which we will absolutely need at home. Yes, you will be needing food and water in abundance before starting up this business.

So then, in order for this to happen you need to go to the food markets where you can get them and buy these products in BULK to fill your house with.

Now, according to the Lord, you should make sure when shopping, you get varieties of these food stuffs or products which you’re about to consume.

So we know that in the markets, some of them have been put in packaged boxes, sealed containers, bottles and packs (e.g. noodles, bags of rice, maize and beverages-so on and so forth).

However, you have to make sure you get those hold-hold foodstuffs which are organic by nature, so you do not damage your health.

(Often times, GMOs have health issues). (I have spoken about this point in another book of mine when talking about steps in wealth making, but the Lord said it is also vital here).

Well, you will definitely realize that, there are some of these products or produce which can be kept or stored in fridges to be preserved and there are some which you store in empty containers, gallons or boxes for preservation.

Since they are going to last you for a long time you need to make sure you clean well the spaces they are going to preserved, so that they do not become a health threat to you and of course your family as well; This good practice will also ensure that they are well preserved in your containers for a long time.

Thus, the reason why they are in these containers is so they can be preserved and used by you for a long time, while you are still planning to undertake your business.

Yes, so that is what we want to do: to go out into the markets, and to first house-hold products (mostly foodstuffs) in bulk for the home, in which we are going to store them in well-conditioned boxes and containers for preservation before starting up this business, around this time.

Well, it is a simple but important counsel from the Lord today; just start up with this step and sooner or later you will understand why the Lord is asking you to do this before starting up with your business venture or any business venture of your choice for that matter.



Add Up House-Hold Tools & Kits As Well


The second tip we need to follow before starting up with our business, is for us to provide for the house again, every important Tool Kit, Tool Box or even Accessory Box, which must carry simple tools, kits or accessory that you think can be needed and can be used at home for certain basic home services and chores, which you can or will personally do, every now and then.

These tools, kits or accessories could include simple things as needles, thread, polish, hair brush, your comb, your mirror, blade, or nail cutters, hacksaw, paint brush, a hacksaw, a screw box, a spanner, your hammer, spraying equipment, your gardening equipment, chisel and so on and so forth. These are often in the ‘Tool & Accessories’ sections of most supermarkets at the Mall.

You may not know, but the Lord’s point here is to ‘back-up’ your house or to empower your house with everything useful, before you start up with this business-yes, every one of us who thinks he or she is suffering in this modern economy.

If you have been doing this for some time now (which I believe some of you have), you will know that it does not cost much to also acquire some of these simple kits, tools or accessories for your house

They are going to help you manage your home.

Note: It is important to start up with these two possibly achievable steps which I have just shown you, to provide enough of resource or economic backups for your house before starting up with this business, or perhaps any business of your choice. It is important to do so, friends.


So Get Your Savings On

Just after you do this, you have to get your savings on per what God said to me. Yes, at this primetime, you will be able to do this easily, without interruptions.

In this case, you can begin to save all the monies, or a lot of the monies you have, since you will not have to go to the markets to buy these other things again; in fact, neither do you have to even buy them around which come in higher retail prices.

You can save your Coins and Paper Monies you have on you. This is because you will not have to use them in buying any of these goods in the markets again since you already have them and so do not have to go to the markets to buy them.  

Secondly, the kits will also help you to do your important tasks as well. Since you have the kits or tools, you will not have to pay for ‘a so-called professional’ around to do such services for you. Thus, you start learning to do D.I.Y services for yourself at home.

These strategies in themselves helps you  to save a lot of money, while you still have your own resources at home, ‘being the kits and the produces you had gone to the markets to buy.’ They will help you save money.

It is important to get your savings on, when starting to do this business.

By what the Lord said, you are a youth, unemployed or earn so little and should not first be wasting so much money again any longer, even the little monies you have. As a youth you had have to put an end to this minute-because you will soon have a future to make. Your future is important, not just now. Do not just be buying food outside there, and do not be wasting money, on cheap ‘menial’ services. (I have explained this point better in one of my books, called ‘The Seven Easy Steps To The Journey Of Becoming Wealthy In Life’). So if you do not stop wasting money, you will not be able to save.

However, go on, you will come to the place where you will understand these points.

If you are a youth, then you must be wise enough. You must cut short the source of the things that constantly take the monies you have on you, so that you can take the business you have to the top. Do not be buying ‘junk food’ and be wasting hard earned money outside.



Step 2

Convert A Part Of The House Into A Business


Convert a part of your home into a business,’ that was the next thing the Lord said to me.

So, apart from filling your house up with these foodstuffs or produce, and the items and the savings you are doing (whether at home or in the bank), you will need to as also convert a part of your home into a business.

‘Doing your business outside your house is not the right way of doing business,’ the Lord said to me in the encounter.

Some of you think that the only way you can put yourself into a business is to look for a ‘multi-millionaire,’ office lot or space out there to rent for your business.

In that case, we never achieve our aim because we are not going to get the money to rent that kind of building-so we never get to start that envisioned business.

‘Do not you know that a ‘business’ is your house?’

The Lord said that the best way to manage your money is to do a business, not anywhere but in front of your house or somewhere in the house you bought or you live in. He had said that, we need to convert a place within the house to do the kind of businesses we want to do. You should not use all the rooms for your sleeping play-ground-I mean for your sleeping rooms. In that case, everyone can be a producer and then will produce something from his own house which will help the economy.

In this suggested business strategy, you and your children can come together to do it. As well, your servants living with you in the house, can support you.

Do you not realize that the same place God gave to his children Adam and Eve to farm on, was the same place they were eating, as well as the same place they were sleeping, according to the story account in that book of Genesis?

Hence, what was God trying to say or to achieve?

That the House is also a Production or a Working Place as well; so it was not just a sleeping or resting-play ground or for socialization purposes only.

Hence, this should show you how God thinks about what a business is.

In this case, everybody can actually start a business since everybody seems to have a house out there.

In fact, that should be how a developed economy should lead her people to do.

The people and their families must produce something inside their homes with the office ‘space’ they have, which is actually their homes. Each family must be able to start up with something out there and each family is made or started by an individual-just by an individual. Hence, it could be started by you.

You should not be out there competing for space when all that you could use is a room in that house for it.

This is one thing the Lord said should have been done in every kind of economy all over, or throughout the world.

When technology reaches the domestic level there shall be development throughout everywhere or in the whole world. Every home will be productive for that matter.

The Lord said to me;


‘There are a lot of people who have looked down upon home start-up businesses. They are now perishing though they have the space or already have the resources.’


Note that, even ‘big time’ companies (businesses), as we call them, are beginning to buy a whole house or home property to use as the centers of their business operations.

Therefore, there are businesses and properties everywhere. It is about how we see it; therefore, create an Office Space or a Production Center, in your home.’

You do not need to depend on the job market so much.

As transportation for your goods, you can use your car for it. Yet, a business which is operated or conducted with much quality in mind or as their focus is easily located in any nook or corner it may be found. You will be found if you produce quality goods (products) and services, with good prices, and also have them available.

Start by producing something first out of your talents which are buried in you, for all men who had started from the scratch or from somewhere, started with their talents.

Today, there are phones as well as computers and other gadgets we equally have sitting in the corners of our homes which can make us render all marketing services digitally too.

In this case, each one of these home built ‘companies,’ could even have websites for themselves (for their local businesses or home business), sell through these websites and make money from the whole international world.

Now, this is because through websites and social media account platforms nowadays, we can actually reach the whole world, with the click of a single button, which can be done right from home!

So start, and you should produce a quality product out of those enviable talents you have been given under your sleeves.

A home is always a multi-purpose property. It is equally the ‘Chief Educational Centre’ for you to prepare, learn and refine your God-given skills, as well!

In the process of this, make sure you own a farm or a garden and also some livestock too, that is, if you can.

It is important to provide employment for yourself than to be at the mercy of everyone, just because of the small pennies that will be put in your hands.

Now, you may ask me;

‘What am I supposed to do in that hour?’’

Do what your talent has called you as a human being to do.

Ask yourself;

‘What do you think you are on earth to do? What has God buried in your life to do or to impress or to impact others around you with?’

Your talent is your work which God has called you to do.

It is very interesting that out-rightly most of the people who are noted as the richest men and women in the world today, were people who had dropped out of school and had followed or pursued nothing but their talents. So then, who said without being in a four-square school class, there is nothing good that can come out of you?

Yes, from the day you were you were born, you had a talent specifically deposited in you from which you were called to do something to impact the men of the world: for even if your parents do not help you to find it, you must help yourself to find it because that is what will define you to all men. Finding this virtue will bring meaning into your life and will help you not to waste your life and time on the earth.

Thus, success is first and foremost not related to having money; it is about following your talents or innermost treasures.

As for money, we can as well acquire it through many other means, which sometimes are illegitimate. So, it is not about just having money. It is about following your talents-your dreams. Those talents will show you the way to progress and to have more money than you can expect, which will be as a result of people first demanding to enjoy those qualities from you and buying up the gifts or the fruits of your enviable talents.

What is your talent, pal?

Are you able to make a shoe? Well, are you able to write a book? Are you able to make some clothing? Can you write a book? Can you draw or design?

Yeah-start doing it in the space you have created in your house.

Do not get yourself fooled by the people who tell you to get an office location outside in town before you start up the business.

Well, do you mean to say that unless you rent up an office lot with a large sum of money from you accounts before you can start your business?

That is not the best office in the first place; the office is the comfortable home you live in right now.

Do what you know you can do best! Start small and start growing it right there. At this moment, you need not incur too much cost or expenses into doing any business out there. So, use your home.

You understand that, your talent is always there (and there right there in you in this hour) to solve a need or a particular problem, first, in your life. It can solve some other person’s problem or a problem in the public sector, which will be to the benefit of all.

Your talent is not there just for fun. A talent is also there as a sure and potential job security which GOD has graciously endowed you with. You will have it with you always and nobody can take it from you. It is buried in the veins of your soul and your spirit. You can carry that virtue with you wherever you go; you carry it even to your sleep. Your talent is the man God had made you or equipped you to become, which makes you act as a special working tool. You are that special working tool. An expensive quality is borne in you, making you special before all others.

Therefore, your talent provides you the solution to other’s unanswered questions; in your reins is a solution or solutions to people’s problems in which you will earn some important virtues in return like, respect, connections and money in return, if you should render those important services out there.

That enviable talent comes with a price. It kind of puts a price tag on you as well. The more you know, the more the price; and the good or excellent you are, the better connections, respect, money, including other virtues you earn. Now, that in turn makes your life meaningful and will bring before you any economic asset you need.

So in here, we are saying that when starting that talent-business, you do not even need to start it outside. Start that business from a corner in your built or rented apartment first, and determine to make it happen; and so, you do not have to spend so much to start. Start with what you have and where you have gotten. Like we said, that home with you is not just a sleeping place or just a socialization center. At least, that was what God had counseled me on.

 So then, what are we waiting for?

Eventually, God said to me;

‘If you ever happen to build your home, build it in the way it will help or suite your business, in order for you to save and make all that money you will need to make from it in the future.’

I thought that was one of the wisest advice He had given.

So, you should never let anybody look down upon you again, because your talent-based business, which you will be conducting at home, is first priceless, and well worth your efforts.


Benefits To Derive

‘There are some benefits in this kind of business,’ said the Lord to me.

Below are some of them:

  • You work at your own pace; no burdens; no stress at all.
  • You work in your own business; yes, in your own fine establishment or plantation.
  • When people consider this, then it means every person in every family house will have something they will do to make them see themselves as productive!
  • It is possible that your children with you could become productive with this home business as well, because they could learn the trade and eventually be taught some skills; in that case, they can start their own business when they grow up and have their own home or made to inherit the house.

When the members of each family join their hands effectively they’ll start by making a living for themselves. Each person’s talent at the house will be supportive to that that effect, that this, to build the home business.

It is not always good to be working for someone like a slave, outside your house where they may treat you anyhow and may give you a meager, yet, there is no assurance of job security.

  • You become a producer of your own goods and have all rights. Therefore, you will earn more.
  • Once you start doing the business at home, you take off from your shoulders a huge leasing expense at that moment.

We are (all) spending so much in renting office spaces in the towns and in public squares; evidently this is raising the cost of doing business around.

However, if you do the business in your house, you will only pay one utility bill to serve the house and the business in the house, simultaneously, meaning you are using one stone to kill two birds, not one for your business and one for the house, which is at a separate place.

Once utility and cost of leasing a place have been cut down in this process, you will end up saving more money in the future; this is because these are the two main things that if any business man should boldly confide in you, continually sucks their monies in business.

Therefore, this will cut down your costs in doing business.

Besides, this will eventually help you in saving utility wisely because not only are you paying it once per time, but equally using it to do business and to make money.

Aside, the moment you are using both utility and your house to make money, it means you will as well get the money to pay back, to further make living standards for you which is aside the double expenses you have taken off your shoulders.

Thus, using your own home property and even home-utility, will be equally cost effective.

  • You equally have ‘self-made’ workers on the go without stress which should include your wife and your children respectively-the salary goes along to improve your own loins.

Well, I said ‘self-made’ workers because they’re borne out of your own rib and loins as long as the mystery of marriage is concerned.

  • You may not even have to look further; your servants whom you have already employed will help you in some of the businesses, when you even train them.
  • This place will as well provide instant comfort (rest) or leisure right after productive works, or rest within the intervals of work.

Once you need rest from your labours, you will instantly have it without travelling miles to get it. That home is your motel or hotel. There is much more comfort and enough rest at home than anywhere you can imagine. That is surely the free Sabbath (the rest) that comes after every work-because you get that hospitality service fully available, with the best security in focus, uninterrupted and even cheap from your house. Yes, this will instantly reflect on both your health and income-in both the long and the short runs.

  • At home, most of your assets will be under your security or watch than to entrust that into the hands of an unknown security agent.
  • You will save a lot of time, and thus money, unlike most people spend a lot of time running around every day, trying to put something on their tables; once you have everything under your nose, you save much time; but that you are saving a considerable amount of energy and saving some money as well.
  • This by far reduces transportation costs because you will not be picking transport vehicles in and out every day as most people (or the average worker), is found going outside regularly; in the process you reduce your costs of working in life and as well, further save, when you now have the absolute liberty to walk from your bed into your office. (As you can see, there are too many unnecessary expenses in life, to cut sown. After all, business and the best wealth making strategies is about saving more by spending less, while investing into the right places to make interrupted profits in your life-time-aside, coupled with good hospitality services or rest, in where you have the ability to leave an inheritance for your children and for their children’s children.
  • You will dodge most of the night traffic-with its accumulated time wasting and stress which are faced by motorists every day.
  • I did not mention that, during your leisure breaks, you can take your time to cook good food to also enjoy. Wisely, you will not double-spend too on food, as most people do, at the workplace and home.

At the house you could pluck some fruits and vegetables at your backyard vegetable garden, cook them and eat. This both helps you save your monies and ensures that you eat good quality food. This too, is much better than seeing office workers in town, who are just going about searching for food to buy at restaurants, or bars, usually at high costs than what it will cost if they cook at home.

Besides, most of these foods they eat, may not be hygienic. At home, is where you can have all that time to put your best culinary skills into use. Now, the good organic produce you bought, could now be depended on by you, at this stage; meaning, you are going to eat healthily.

So then, while now working at home you could be able to plan your balanced course-meal well, too, providing you good and quality energy for the productive work going on in the house.

Meaning, in this kind of business, you will have your healthy-life intact too. After all, you will have good and enough rest after work; you do have some recreational gadgets around and also a happy family around too, to release off that stress-right at your disposal.


The Irresistible Benefits On The Economy

How would such businesses help our World Economies today?

God also revealed these too:

  • This strategy, makes every family of the economy become productive, efficient and begins to support the entire GDP to go high. It becomes the foundation that alleviates ‘real’ poverty when it should start now, from the domestic levels; and that is also achieved when resourceful talents are put into good use and almost everybody has the space to do so, that is, when using their home.
  • It far reduces street-hawking and its associated problems since every family member finds his hands to work.
  • It reduces the unemployment rate almost to zero, since every family now, shall all be made to work within their home space and will create or produce based upon their effective gifts and talents.
  • Makes the people in the country able-bodied, efficient and are able to set rich potential goals to achieve.
  • It will also encourage the passing on of inheritance and a good succession of business ownership and inheritance since parents shall pass them down to their children and then to their children’s children, and so, reduces future economic problems, which are all borne by our world today.
  • It gives ready-made jobs for all that can work within the family while the younger generations or ones in the same house are occasionally taken through a form of apprenticeship training or education-to prepare them for the future development of the house ahead of time.
  • No delays in traffic that much; traffic congestion could be reduced if members or the citizens rather work from home; therefore a serene environment where noise pollution is reduced on the streets could equally be achieved.
  • Makes the market serene because people may naturally sell and work from home and not go out dumping things out there.
  • It reduces stress upon the economy, and that is, upon the public social amenities when businesses are mostly done from home; that is because, the majority will utilize that which they mostly have at home, which is even free and always accessible to them; in other words the government will equally save a large sum of money from this sector.
  • This will also reduce such abnormal pressures on the goods and services in the economy due to large number of families in production.

That means, there shall be bumper harvests in town if every family enters into business, especially into production. (Therefore, that should naturally reduce the prices of goods and services due to bumper harvest and that will absolutely have the expected positive impact upon the economy.

  • Yes-not only price alone-but quality goods and services will equally be expected, if people work and usually build things based on their talents-if trained to do so and such products will positively affect the healthcare of human beings.

Therefore, it ensures efficient use of gifts and talents, even from the domestic state, and that means the whole economy is going to improve with high efficiency or efficient workers and efficient services and as well as goods; absolutely, this is all a thriving economy is all about. When the economy thrives, then there will be joy within the states.

  • Meanwhile control, care and love at home, which are equally needed, shall be fostered much more at the home, since the business is and within the family. Well, these are all signs of social development.

Which family would not like to see their children are doing something worthwhile than theft, crime, fraud, and prostitution if they could join these same people to work at home? Thus, it’ll reduce the unneeded social vices capturing our towns.

  • Will drastically reduce the pressure on all the suffering governments since the ‘government,’ is first built on the domestic levels, other than few people in governance trying to do all, thereby bringing slowness in development in all the sectors of the economy, and thereby, prolonging suffering in every sector. However, when the private sector is made to join massively like this, it will help in reduce socio-economic pressures on all levels on governments.
  • This would rather improve the lives of the youth, than when they do not use their talents or have any job to do.

Yes, and after all, is not the government’s purpose to improve the lives of everyone, to make each home or each family thrive, within the economy?

  • In the event, it will therefore reduce government’s expenditure to ‘get’ the people employed since the people are going to use their individual homes for their own private businesses. What the government will have to do is support each home with the right and available resources for them to be able to fully improve and be in production.
  • It will also encourage productivity and trade at the domestic level, between house to house, within communities to communities and eventually, between countries, states or regions.
  • It reduces air-pollution in the ‘heated’ markets and on the streets since both production and marketing shall be done also at the domestic level, therefore reducing the units of pollutants that are produced by each unit family. In fact, there will also be an easy waste management system, since, each waste is now produced ‘minutely’ or collected ‘minutely’ from each home. In short, there is easy waste management and collection also seen there, therefore making the economy serene. Nobody, will litter waste, in his house, if it is the place he’s doing all his business services-in which people will come there to see. A foolish house will throw dirt and leave litters around. Will they equally do that, at the expense of their own health?

Therefore, now, the surroundings in our business squares will be neat, since businesses would not be damping their refuses out there in the gutters or on the streets and on those peaceful parks often needed for recreational purposes, to improve the psyches of these important families, during their holidays and leisure days.

All rubbish and waste will be managed at home. Hence, while the people are becoming productive, grave environmental problems such as Waste Management and Health Issues and the current social issues, will be checked.

In fact, such ‘minute’ waste can be recycled by the same individual families, or as a joint venture between the people are their governments and as well be re-used for production for the improvement of the economy.

  • Yes, it will as well reduce congestion in the business markets and all the unpleasant disturbances and noise which does not help but often contributes to the poor functioning of the human psyche, by piling up stress.
  • Thus, it by far reduces the financial costs of starting a business by everyone in the entire business economy or community when all each of those entrepreneurs have to have to do, is to start the whole business from home and to use some of the resources they have there with them.
  • It by far reduces social vices when there is control, fast education and training, human employment, as well as social supports right from the domestic levels which is where the individuals or the children are born. What else causes social vices if not because of proper control and the loss of the purposes of all those members who exist within the family?
  • There will be quick and easy tracking; in the event, the government is able to track them for taxes, in which they will acquire these taxes from productive efficient families who are contributing yearly to the country’s economic development.
  • Again, most people will not become a liability on others in the whole economy but through the important use of their own talents, ends up becoming an asset. In the end, it will rather improve the human standard of living in all levels.
  • Furthermore, it will in a way reduce migration or immigration issues; now, where there is creativity, jobs or businesses even at the domestic levels (or right from home), who will travel for a greener pasture somewhere, which we know are coupled with high risks? Who will have time for meager salary slave job? Who will be treated as a slave when he is definitely treated like a king in his own house because of what he is doing, to support himself and all others?

This is why the Lord stated that this practice will help developing countries or economies, including developed countries, in many ways.

  • It will improve family-joy (the most important element of life), if couples are made to stay together and put their hands together into something productive and to fend for themselves. That realization will have a positive impact on their children and therefore, improve social development in the entire economy of social people and nations. This was the reason why marriage, and therefore families, were made to be able to support themselves, and to support the entire economy; you can check more on that in my two books-The Mystery of Marriage and the Mystery of the Family; you will understand why God created marriages and families and their roles and assignments in life. Honestly, most of that has been misplaced for which reason there is much suffering, in the running world today.
  • Education, can be done at the domestic levels to some points. Understand that a ‘practical manner of training saves the youth more time in their year, than to do a theoretical form of training in which there is no direct application of skill. A lot of students leave school without enough practical knowledge or experience and so are still not capable of getting the kind of good jobs they need. However, with this system, everyone would have something out of his or her personal God-given talents to work on; and therefore would lead to the growth of the individual. Therefore, an educational system which shall be geared towards developing the child’s talents and skills more, and as well, best supports the child’s social and psychological needs is that which makes an economy thrive, because that is what will cause the country’s human resources to achieve their full potential and to be more developed. Therefore, it ensures that from the domestic level nobody becomes a liability to the economy, as this has become the huge issue of many economies of the current age.

Hence, schools that encourage the training of individual talents and skills should be considered the best and should be much more encouraged; especially, they must be encouraged at the domestic level for them to receive some other social, psychological and other important benefits as well, which often public schools down the years have not been able to provide.

  • With talents in place, purpose will be made and the countries shall be going somewhere to happen.


So, why do you have a house and you have still not been able to start anything, if I may ask?

So, now, what the government has to do is to help provide or support such ‘productive’ business at homes since they do not destroy the economy at all in any way, nor put pressure on her economic facilities, nor upon government’s socially provided amenities, nor put up financial burdens. (Yes, of course, there are ways the government can do that.)

So we now know why God had let Adam and Eve work in the same place He told them to eat and rest.

This was to help them save more and to overcome some of these social challenges, which of course, includes some of these economic hurdles.

Therefore, the home is still the home of production and of all service businesses.

Go ahead, youth, to now start your business, but in no place than your home and take advantage of all that God, even your master, has shown you; besides, God shall be there to help.


What Business Do You Need To Do At Home?: Invest In Your Talents


The Lord said to me, ‘Start up with your talents.’ Now according to the Lord, while at the house use your talent or create something out of your individual talents.

Do you know how to sew a cloth? Yeah, moreover, do you know how to bake something? Also, do you know how to sing a song? Create your studio.

God has given each one talents to become naturally rich with it and that will make him or her become who he or she wants to be; through those talents, we become unique, without cloning anyone; yes, we become what we were made for.

Those gifts are embedded deep within your psyche, buried in you.

First and foremost, you often do need to step in a class nor to go to school to learn this. Yet, if you have attended any school just to go and learn something, begin to use what you have to now polish and to make your talents better. What will be the point of going to school but not having any virtue to show forth?


Step 3

Create Your First Product or Services Out Of Your God-Given Talents or Skill

The next stage is to create a product or a service out of your gifts and talents. What do you know how to do? What can your gifts, talents, skills, natural capabilities do? What you could go to school to learn, God had put many of these natural qualities in you to do, and often with ease.

Moreover, I am sure that if you had used your gifts and talents now, God would have supplied you with more so that you can fully grow and expand.


‘To him much is given, much is expected, to him who has, more would be added, and to him, who does not have, even what he has, would be collected (taken) from him.’


Therefore, if you know that you are grateful to God and you have His gifts, and you are going to respect him by using it, then He will give you more immediately you start.

However, when you have not yet used what He had given to you, are you going to ask for more?

Do you think God will give you something new?

He is not a prodigal Father.

Check around this world-those who have made it in the world were those who had naturally seen their talents and had fully used it; not those who usually work for a company or even for a government institution for a monthly income which is pea-nut, and as well, just a fixed income.

God said to me that, ‘Indeed, if a man will use his talent before 30, He would break-through in life before turning 30.’ Per God’s advice, it is useless, to turn to 60 years in a Government Institution, when you are old and cannot walk, while holding a stick in your hands and cannot see well, before you can start to enjoy a lot from your PENSION PAY.

How do you enjoy your money, at the point you are weak? You might not as well hit your pension age of 60 years before you die, since now it is recorded that all-over the world, the average life-span of people is far reducing below 60 years. So, who takes home your hard earned monies?

So, it is true that many people will never get to their pension age, to enjoy their huge pension savings before they die; they will find out from the other world that somebody is rather enjoying their pension savings.

In God’s wisdom and per what He told me, that is not wisdom. That’s an absolute toil in vain. It is stupid why we are so inclined to working for a government job and toiling for the rest of our lives. Indeed, as well, no wonder why many people who are working in government, despite the benefits they get, are often seen living in average conditions or sometimes in deplorable conditions, which is loaded with a whole lot of bills and loans to pay at the end of the month.

Life is not to be endured that way.

In this way, many people in our countries will earn only on the average-and this is what we see in our countries today. We sacrifice the riches in our natural talents just for a normal steady income, in which you can as well lose that job security. According to God, the unemployment cases in our worlds is also as a result of this. 

So then, why are we so inclined to that instead of using our natural talents earlier, so that by diligence, we will make it in life? Thus, if by 30 you should make it then you will be cheating others who should wait 30 years to enjoy, which they may not live to that age; and even if they should, how long again will you guarantee for them to be alive to enjoy it? It is only someone who will enjoy all the fruits of their labours, while they will be laid in their tombs.

This is how many footballers and many people who naturally work in their fields or calling, and the world know them for it-have been making so much money, so much that, they have been enjoying past many public workers who earn on a study income. During these times, the money that a private company earns, borne out of an individual gift or talent is more than the whole monthly income or allowance you will get, in some cases. We know that not many in a government institution or in a private company somewhere will be able to earn a First Level Income per month, which are truly satisfying enough. Few get; the others (the majority do not), waiting for government pension years to come, to be able to enjoy well.

That is quite hard and painful. That is why in the event some societies end up falling. Indeed, there are lapses in our educational and employment systems. The government cannot provide jobs for everybody; they cannot provide jobs for all the thousands or millions of students which are coming out each year. In the event, there are serious social and economic pressures mounted on the people on their governments.

Well, sometimes, the government would still try her best.

As I speak now, many people do not have work to do and are waiting for the government to provide them a space in their public institution to serve, when the space is in their individual gifts and talents per what God is saying-and so must rise up to do something.

No need to wonder; it is because of their inability to get much from government work or as well working for a private company that is why they end getting into the embezzlement of government funds, or into other fraudulent activities in those working spaces.

Well, if the ministers are doing that and not still being satisfied enough, how much more the many, who are earning just a few dollars from their government-job positions? While many people have a study income for years, the prices of goods and services have been soaring up which eventually keeps depreciating true values for their works, and then they begin to suffer. Thus, if this is the case, everybody in a government work should have an increment in pay, per each year this happens, but unfortunately, a government who often should borrow from neighbouring countries or organizations, can’t be doing this for all the people. In return, the people begin to play corrupt, in every sector or in every side.

This is why God is suggesting the Home Private Businesses to be accepted by all; well, not just that it is a solution to managing a country, but it is the Best Management System, by which the government can get support from the people, and by it, the people can really get what they too are worth if they should ‘discover’ their talents early and work naturally hard for it themselves. If you will want to eat fat, then you will work naturally hard for yourself.

The fact that everybody has a home, and as well, everybody has a family or birthed into a home, will mean that members of the families, can start supporting themselves in their private home businesses, in which the government will come to support later. In that case, the population increase does not affect the economy that much, because skills training will be at the domestic levels. ‘A Family, Is A Business Company.’

The home, being space, is a working environment already; and by God’s grace, I have written many benefits we can get from it in previous chapters.

For example; how much does a bank teller earns in this part of the world compared to the author of Facebook who had used the same serving hours to work-or even the man who skillfully and cheerfully uses his voice to sing in a microphone?

God forbid-but it is not that we cannot all be like this, but it is because it is not all of us have harnessed our talents to create that one-tangible product, from that or those beautiful talents.

That is why He is providing these basic tips for everyone today.

How much can you enjoy if you are indeed walking with a walking stick? I am sure half of your pension money may as well be invested in your health periodically, through ageing.

That is silly.

It is just that we do not know the way out of it.

That is what God told me. When He had told me this, I was surprised. In addition, the Lord explained that when you are in your talents He would naturally help or support you, because, then YOU WILL BE IN THE ASSIGNMENTS HE HAS FOR YOUR LIFE which is the TRUE YOU.

Therefore, you will receive every other help you would want from Him.

Yes, most of the time when we heard that a prophetic word has come, it is often God calling people into their life talent or into their assignments.

So then, use your talents for God to be on your side and stop cussing Him.

By ignorance, it is not HIM, it is you.

Well, how much have you done about your talents, which is a resource or skill of God in you? So in the home business, use your natural talents. There, learn to discover it, nurture it, learn to improve upon it for a while, grease your knots, practice, until you make it perfect so that it can be enjoyed by all. It is right there in you all; just nurture it. If you been to any school, use the knowledge you had gained, to support it as you had used it in supporting another men’s businesses.

Do not ever say there is no job again; there is no job when men will not rise up to do anything for themselves, but just waiting for another man who is as well toiling to supply a job onto themselves. In life, we have not been told to perch forever; but we have been told to be in individual creators.

Others are just benefiting greatly from what they have used and had dug from their wells, which perhaps, you haven’t fetched yours.

Create your own home-job by God’s plan, now. Stop claiming you are poor. You will be poor if you do not use your talents-but getting it to be wasted in a six feet tomb when you soul has been laid to rest.

You will only die a poor person, who had just endured the rest of his life here on earth.

So, why are there social vices today in all over the world? When men and women do not find jobs they will begin to find the social vices as their lucrative source of business.

Now, according to the Law of Balance, you can make your life better by yourself and first, not through anybody-and not by the Government as well.

The government is there to support.

This is God’s advice to you, and you must advice a fellow human being closer to you.



Step 4

Look Out For The Target Market For The Business


A target market is a group of people you see or know will have interest in your products and services. You must be able to project which ‘people’ or groups of people will love your ‘talent’ produced-product, more.

As you have now created your product or services per God’s plan, go out there to the target market and the next thing you do is to render your quality service or product to the target market FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. Yes, for FREE –THAT IS WHAT GOD SAID. Yeah, It is important that you do so.

Yes go on; you will understand stand soon.

There are many benefits from doing it so, or starting it like this. Now, the following were some of the reasons that God gave me which I apply and obtain from my own businesses on a daily basis.

  • This will help you catch out or deal with the problem of ‘customers’ skeptics’ since they have never seen you in the markets or have never tried your product or service before. Well, after all, there is no harm in trying; you have not asked them to buy. In this case, they will be willing to try for free, just to satisfy their curiosity. Then, bam-if you have already hit on quality, they start asking you for more. The only way they can still satisfy their longings for it is to start getting it in huge quantities. So then, they will start buying from you, ‘from your quality goods and services in huge quantities.’ So then, quality is paramount, before giving out for free. If you have never hit up to the best quality with your goods and services, it is better you do not try going out there because you will come out with huge loses. However, never worry. Quality is found hugely in TALENTS (NATURAL ABILITIES AND SKILLS). THIS IS WHY GOD IS SAYING THAT YOU FOCUS ON YOUR NATURAL ABILITIES (CAPABILITIES) AND SKILLS, which often gives you the upper hand and where you usually do not struggle to do-or to produce quality. In other words, THERE IS MONEY IN THE SKILL, TALENTS, AND THE NATURAL ABILITIES YOU HAVE. You just have to refine, fine-tune it or work on it a little bit more, my friend.

Sometimes, we do not know that ‘free’ brings the sales, especially if you overcome the issue of quality. Once you get quality on point, surely, they will be getting satisfied and they will order for more from you.


  • Free causes the customers to love you right away, especially, if you have quality on point.
  • They start developing their relationships with you.
  • They give you their contacts and emails to send or to email quotas or the updates you make.
  • They’ll find you loyal.

Once quality is made, they can trust you, for their money: they can have value, for their monies.

  • They then start recommending others to you.

Sometimes, they are the ones who may recommend an investor or investors to you if they learn that you just started. In certain instances, they could also become the investors. So, who knows? You may also be talking with an investor or they may be the right contacts to certain investors.

This means, at this juncture, you must take your relationship with them very seriously and not just a playful or just a casual one, since you may not know that somebody, who may be in the position to offer you that help. Yes, always be careful that they do not steal your idea or your business. However, there are some other investors who are good.

  • They can even recommend you to the government, if they even see that your business or product can even support a whole nation.
  • You get word-of-mouth marketing. This means, everybody immediately begins to know that you do this or you do that.
  • Once quality in business has given you competitive advantage over these other people they knew and had trusted in business, they immediately begin to give you the chance to also be their supplier.

Understand that, the primary or average customer of our world today is looking for a one-time solution to his needs or to his problems; and so if you keep or have a quality product they will all be very happy you came into their lives with your PRODUCTS AND YOUR SERVICES-and that is what is called business-when you got, satisfies the customer.

  • They will see you as their boss (the solution or the key to their individual problems. (Quality, cannot be over-emphasized at this time). Yes, this is where no one can beat God; so trust Him in your Home business, to give you the ideas and tips of quality businesses. However, He will do that if you are thinking of using that which He has given to you-your talents.
  • This could instantly fetch you a ‘new’ job or position in somebody’s company to perhaps become a manager in a particular department because of your expertise or talents. This often happens if someone spots what you do or probably what you have done.

Therefore, if you have never been able to create anything out of your individual enriched talents for a long time now, you need to do so.

Unlike God, men believe in seeing before they believe. So, you must create something out in quality first and give it out for free for them to test or taste to see quickly, so that they can analyze how much it could be of good to their lives and businesses.

Therefore, I always advice students (graduates), per how God has equally adviced me, that instead of throwing your C.Vs around, you should start to create something worthwhile from your talents and your skills and to showcase or wave it front of the ‘target markets’ to see whether they will be interested in that creative product, just as women take their time to dress up and then pass in front of their potential suitors to see whether they can be attracted.

However, if you think you can perhaps soar with your own efforts than with doors people or businesses may like to open onto you for the cut of their money, then I suggest you rather consider that idea as the best option, unless you think that, that office position and the income may be well-worth the efforts you are going to put in there, with the expert talents and skills you have.

Take note-the art of giving it for free, is a sacrifice or an opportunity cost sacrificed to get all the other things above which are of course, more greater than the money you may charge to acquire for the first products and services you will sell.

Free, will quickly help you to advice your products and services to a larger market. Yeah, since it is free it cuts advertisement cost. Giving for free rather brings quick business promotion than when selling your business from scratch. So then, free will permeate through the markets quickly without barriers. It becomes the state of advertisement.

So then, you can see how much it is going to save you, and how much it is going to add to your business or to give you back in return quickly or as soon as possible, which money can’t pay for. It is creates the quickest AWARENESS in the markets space, WITH NO BARRIERS.

Hence, it is not everything you sell and it is not very time you sell. So, you want your business to grow faster than cars? Then try this.


But What About Yours Gains?

 Now, if you give for free what do you stand to gain back, then?

The above things of course. They shall help you more and they shall help create quicker doors or opportunities in the marketplaces for you, which as a weak competitor selling a product you cannot instantly have, as there are giants too in the field of your targeted markets. Now, according to God’s plan, though in this case you may not instantly obtain financial benefits, the shopping you did (which are the food stuffs you bought), the water you have made available, the kits you bought, plus the coins you have saved, will sort you out.

In order words, if they do not even buy any of the products and you did not even make any sales, you will still not be perturbed, since you will depend on these items at home to help you manage your life.

In other words, they will be backing you up while you take your time to strategize your way up in the markets.

This is why you intelligently using the free-pricing system to break quickly in the markets. may help your business advance quite quickly.

Moreover, at this stage, you will keep working to achieve the mark of ‘quality standards’ over you products and services through some recommendations and criticisms from the markets and also through more research.

In addition, you will also have to work on your ‘marketing stunts or strategies’ to get greater interests in the markets.

So with the back-up products, savings and produces you will still be able to have something to depend on during such promotions and marketing times.

Hence, this is why you do not have to start your ‘TALENT’ business without doing these things first-or you will end up getting frustrated if sales should take a long time while you personally do not have much money, food, water and other basic home chores being done, which requires tools and kits to do.

Indeed, this way helps you to be patient with customers and helps you take your time to grow. So, once you have those backups, the business will not be determining your fate of survival around those times.

Hence, so far as everybody has a talent, he or she can pull this through; however, everyone has a talent and a skill under his sleeves.

Therefore, the strategy is that, get some food stuffs in bulk or in abundance before you start with this your talent-based business. In both the long and short-runs of the business, they will serve as great economic securities for you.

However, you do not provide for the house before you venture into this, you will end up putting your life’s survival into the hands of your ‘customers,’ at the early stage of your young business. All your hope will be on them, just to expect that they buy before you eat.

Trust me-no matter how sure you think your product or service is quality you still have to do put those economic backups down.

Sometimes, it is not you who determines quality; it is your customers who determine whether it is quality. After all, they will be the ones to buy and to taste before giving you feedback.

Therefore, take great note of their reviews or feedbacks and make changes or improvements accordingly; however, keep your original plan.

It is true that most of us think that starting our own businesses is much difficult but it only becomes difficult when we do not follow good procedures. We only need the right counsel to follow the right methods, most especially, when we are starting. Now, you will realize that at this stage of the business most of the things you have done were free. It hasn’t cost you that much to start the business; it was just little investment.

  • First, how much did you invest into that in-born talent? It was there in you-and you did not pay for it; God gave it to you and you did pay work for it; it was free.
  • Secondly, if you were hungry at the training and talent discovery stages the foodstuffs and items you bought down as well as the produce from your farm, at the FIRST STAGE, could be used or consumed by you; and so, there are economic supports in the process.

Moreover, these foodstuffs and kits you are going to be depending on during this time will help you save money as well. Buying them in bulk will help you save money.

  • Considerable amount of time is saved to enable you focus on your business; buying or acquiring economic products in bulk quantities down, will help you save enough time and money to help you focus on learning and developing your ‘talent’ businesses. Yes, your time is saved because you would not have to be going to the markets to be shopping every day.
  • Again, see how much you are going to save for using your house to develop this business than to use a store out there which you were going to pay for. Talent is free and the working space is almost free; besides your shopping also saves you much more money and time.

Just use the available spaces you have and save to yourself much more money, which his better than what others are doing by renting another property, which has increased their costs of doing business.

  • Even if you went to the markets to buy the foods stuffs and the kits, they are going to help you to reasonably save.
  • For employees (some hands to support you in the business), some members in the family could help you which I guess will be relatively a cheaper form of labour, in which you do not spend much. I’m sure they are going to realize they are going to benefit as well if it should you end up succeeding. Now, people like that may pay to wait, and will wait until your business matures than employed persons (labourers), who are outside of the family. After all, the business is in its primary stages, so you would not have to involve too many hands or employees. In fact, sometimes it is even fun for a house to work to together. Well, as you can see you can achieve a lot with your house and with your household, if you can put all this together which is all on a limited budget.
  • Aside, you will also not be so worn out, because there will be an available space which is on free budget to rest (which is your house) which you will enjoy both fully and freely any time you will think of needing some rest off the productive work.

You now have a platform (the environment at home); you have time, you have food, your savings are on, you have rest facilities to rest within intervals, you have a family to work with, and most of all you are going to use the most important thing that makes you value, which is in you-which is your individual enviable talents. These create the strength for you to move now, and most importantly on a cheap budget.

  • Yes, do not forget-you also understand that you also have, a free advertising system.

(Yes, you may only have to invest into only a few things, which also, if you GET YOUR SAVINGS ON, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACQUIRE, THEM).

Now, we have seen people who were from poor homes, or ghetto corners, worked with their TALENTS in available spaces they had and soon came up in the lime-lights.

Many of the rich people were from there; many had been born from poor homes or from the streets or from ghetto corners, and like many of us, they were not born with silver spoons in their hands, but earn more than anybody else.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gate had similar stories, in which they had used their homes and garages to start up their businesses.

It is shocking that, while many of them, may not realize it is the same rule here, many of them, though were broke initially, yet through the same business pattern, created a business or a product, by just using their

  • WITH THEIR INDIVIDUAL TALENTS AS THE VISION FROM THEIR HEARTS, WENT AHEAD TO CREATE THEIR OWN INITIAL PRODUCTS (Having even fully dropped out of school and were known to have performed poorly in some subjects).
  • Both Bill Gate and Mark, by history, gave a lot for free. Wow-I researched to find that Bill Gate gave thousands and hundreds of GateWay Computers to Institutions, Governments, Companies, and individuals as well, till he had captured the entire markets with just a quality product and then investors and governments came in to support.

Till now, we know they are still giving freely to break grounds.

Mark Zuckerberg indeed, had given a lot of free ‘Facebook’ signups and pages. So, see how their ‘free’ caught the entire world?

It was not for free, because by the same target market, He’d gotten back what he wanted to enjoy out from it.

Today, Mark and Gates, undoubtedly, are among one the richest men of all history, surpassing their colleges in financial assets, friends who had not pursued their individual talents but following just the educational ladder which anybody out there is being presented with.

Well, I do not need to tell you enough about the others, because they have the same stories of pursuing their talents from their homes or from their garages because they would not bare too much cost.

Great footballers are making millions at the end of their day, but they had started learning and training from their homes and on the unpolished parks or from their ghettos. They trained, gave several ‘free’ skillful shows upon their bare parks, until they were discovered by members of that target market. Anybody can prosper and make money if he understands this pattern.

So then, the money (or wealth) is in your ‘talents,’ because that is your pure Glory. That is what makes you a valuable person to the wandering world.

For this reason, the Lord is showing us (the youth), according to these simple steps, to show us ‘how to do it with little or almost no money on you. These are the same things that you have and they are always around you.

To be frank; most of us even have monies more than what is even required to start here. Yet, whether you have the money or not this plan must stand and must be followed through by you, to create minimal costs in the journey of creating your own home-made entirely beautiful business products or services.

Hence, everybody can make himself or herself rich if he or she should follow God’s steps. You do not need to steal, you do not need to hung yourself in crime wherewith you will lose your precious soul; just follow these processes and you will also achieve those beautiful results, my guy.

Just ask about the musicians; and it will still be the same stories you will have-right from the ghettos, giving out a lot about themselves on platforms for free until they broke through, and were recognized. Yet, much of that work, were done indoors.

The next thing we saw, the media houses were running after them incessantly with their pens and cameras, for seeing quality in their ‘‘free’’ virtues. Will you sit down there and be saying you do not have a job? No.

Actually, there is a price on you because there is a golden virtue in you. We are all special based on what God has deposited right there in us, so much that, no matter the circumstances we can change our world.

Oh-similarly, it has been the same with the comedians too.

Yet, are these the only people with talents in our worlds? Certainly not. We all have one or two.

Therefore, giving a lot for free towards the ‘rich target markets’ will first promote you and whatever you created from the ‘lonely or quite rooms’ or garages of your house. Park your car outside and use that rickety garage, now; soon you will have more garages you can’t use.

Now, when you use your house, you will have more houses you can’t even use, in the future.

It is an opportunity cost-you invest something now, to get more.

Yes, trust me-you will, through the free-pricing system self-promote your brand faster in those competitive markets even before any promoter should come in.

After all, promoters will end up respecting you the more, and seeing you more as forceful, if they should see you self-promoting yourself to achieve great results before they should come in.

Self-promotion, in itself is security, because you would not have to wait for someone or for somebody’s recommendations before you do your own thing.

Now, even if one day, (God forbid), these promoters should leave you on the way, you would not be perturbed; your life will not come crushing; that means, not even an end to your marketing. Hence, your business will never come crushing down. However, I didn’t say you should go out and challenge your promoters. They are important in so many ways.

With your quality product, the media (blogs, news agencies, radio and t.v stations), if they should get a chance on your free quality product will have no option but to promote you, for they are there searching to discover only good talents, products and as well as best services to promote, which will also help them to make their names and monies. What is the point of promoting something worthless that does not satisfy?

In other words, these media men also use other people’s good contents to self-promote themselves in order for them to make their names or to be able to make money from their investments. They understand that, good money, mostly comes from good contents. That is why they always follow people who produce good satisfying contents in every part of the world.

These media people or brand promoters are not just there to discover people who read classic novels and university books to recite them, but they are there to discover people with gifted talents, something worthwhile in man to be harnessed which can be given to more people to consume.

By promoting quality services and products, their viewers, listeners and subscribes know they deliver purely quality, which is the reason why they keep being loyal onto them, in that respect. To them, content too is a product; and content too must be quality OR ALMOST EVERYBODY WILL REJECT IT.

That is why they do not go promoting just anybody or the things done out of mediocrity or which does not satisfy to waste their times and monies on.

However never give out or away your free product just because of investors or brand promoters; be a self-promoter always, for no one can be your promoter better than yourself-for you are the one who understands what you do.

Do it in your way of talking, dressing, packaging, and brandings-and in the way you approach others.

So, indeed, today, most people being lazy get it all wrong; they think they need a promoter or a manager before they can come out with their songs; well, that is not true because nobody can promote you and your products better than yourself.

However, if you think that it is extremely expensive to start promoting yourself, I’ll tell you that it is not expensive all. It is not that expensive.

You can start by distributing your first badges for free-YES FREE. That is how inexpensive it is.

Thus free, is not all that free in itself; it helps you to create awareness quickly and spark it like fire. Do not be like those who stop promoting their talents because they think they can only go forward only by someone else promoting them with his assets; and for some reason, even if somebody comes in to promote you, he will never be able to promote you better than yourself.

Indeed, the amount of money they put in is not the thing, but you as the brand with the talents, is the thing. Talent is that which makes a man expensive. Therefore, talents are more expensive than money.

Thus, with talents you are actually the money running, talking or walking. In order words, everybody is a ‘Loaded Money’ in himself or herself walking about and that is based on what he or she can do as a result of his or her enviable talents, which are cherished by other people.

That was why the Lord spoke to me and said to me that it is stupid for people to wander about to say that they do not have anything or are broke, when He knows the virtues of monetary values, which He has placed in them. Well, for this reason, God hates social vices and punishes the human society who brings down their worth with vices.

Well, money is for investment. Without talents, we will still be wondering what we should be using our monies to invest into. In other words, talents (a man’s talent) is more important than money. Thus talents (the best business idea) comes before money giving meaning to financial investments. Without talents, what are our monies going to be invested in?

So, we are actually the most expensive, but HAVE TURNED THINGS OTHER WAY ROUND.

Hence, this is why God will never understand that, though we are living monies walking around (by our talents and purposes), we claim we are absolutely poor and nothing, undermining those strengths in us, while stooping low to any vice that comes our way in our world today.

Well, unless you are not doing anything about your talents. You have not discovered yourself well, your in-born qualities, your inner-most worth or of all that you are.

Understand that, talent, is not something you go to the walls of a school to learn. We do not go to the walls of a school to obtain it. It is a potential in you; they are in all of us. They are a gift of God. Each and every one has it, hence, each and every one is first and foremost expensive-not just footballers, prime ministers, presidents or any of those people in the lime light we praise so much.

Of course, we can equally lose our values through wrongful associations (being in wrong fellowship) or getting into wrongful behaviours like crime, alcoholism, womanizing, prostitution and drugs. Is womanizing or alcoholism expensive than a talent? Understand that, no habit of alcoholism or womanizing, has ever made anybody richer than a talent in this world. Check around.

So, by nature, humans are already monies on the ground and it is just about going an extra mile to discover what God has made each of us to be. We will be surprised, if we really know who we are in this world.

Therefore, wherever you go with or without money you can still succeed if you should follow these steps, because you are that money in quote, and it is purely by what is in you and not something that stems out of you.

You are ‘every money’ you need to make with your life; easily, the product which is rich. Ah, this is why God our Father wants to buy us back through salvation so He could enrich us even if nobody has discovered any talents or worth in us. So this is why He calls us His inheritance and never abandons us unless we reject Him by ourselves. He has interests in picking dumped people like the Esthers’ and the Gideons’, and making a hell of ‘great images’ out of them with rewards. Just like anybody faces, there will be some difficulties on the way but He will obviously take you out of them if you invite Him into your business or life’s affairs. So here, He is showing us the steps to make something out of the virtues or potentials He has placed in us so that we can all breakthrough and achieve our human goals.

Just go through these right procedures and get yourself the right environment to live in and then you will be good to go. Now, know that it is too late for anything to stop you.

Talents have been given to every man. They are right there in us as goldmines.

Then the Lord added and said;

‘If my people will do this and will use the natural gifts I have given to them, I will help them.’

God helps or supports the talents He has put into mankind!


Who To Depend On: When God Comes In

 Yes, you have secured your back with the food-stuffs.

Yes, and you have discovered your talents now.

You have created your first quality product or service after a lot polishing or tries.

You have even identified your target market-the group which loves your business and you know where they are, in the economy.

You are using your free marketing stunts to gain attention. You have added laughter and smiles to lighten yourself behind your created product, which makes you become approachable, making you shine behind it as the sun.

Now, you have gotten reviews, gotten some sales and made some boosts. All have been done but you need God, to help you through it all; and so, before you even go to the market to buy the product, you need to tell God about it to guide you in each and every through, so that things will become easy, through the supply of His abundant grace.

Pray, so that the Maker and Depositor of your Good Talents and God Advice, will assist you.

Of course it will not be good to go through each of the important stages without praying.  Each and every great man has ever been prayed for.

In fact, ask around; even Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have ever been prayed for.

We all need divine intervention at some point in time, and in fact in every point of the way.

In fact, this is what God truly loves-His acknowledgment in the process.

Fools, have always asked, ‘What do you always talk to God about? Why do not you let Him rest?’ We pray to God without ceasing because we need Him in each stage of this lucrative journey of life. Thus, my first prayer will be different from my second prayer and therefore, it will happen on a different day.

This is why we go to assemble and meet Him in Church; then, we read His Bible because through it, we can get hope and enlightenment (ideas), too.

It is God who can lead you to some Great Doors, to some Divine Helpers, Promoters, Great Customers and Contractors and He will help you on your vision.

He will do it by Grace. Besides, we understand that all these benefits are in the Grace of Christ Jesus. Well, this is why we are told that we can do all things (not some) through Christ the Lord, who strengthens us. You will need consistent STRENTH along that beautiful way. As you acknowledge Him along the Way He will direct your paths through His dynamic capabilities.

O, you do not believe me? Well, I am a living testimony of what I’m talking about. The path through which this material came was through the Grace of God.

Joseph was a dreamer; was it not God who made the king dream, a dream that was tormenting him so much, while nobody could even interpret it, until God caused Joseph the dreamer to be remembered in that dungeon, and caused the boy to be brought to interpret that dreams?

God had created an opportunity for him and he used his God-given gifts to amazingly become the prime minister of the most powerful nation of that world.

Per the story, we know it was not by Joseph’s own volition.

Not at all; for from the time of Joseph’s birth to the time he got to the Egyptian land, it was all God’s orchestration in play.

Now, that stands to reason; if God could make someone use his dreaming-gift to become a governor how much more can God use your cherished gift, which perhaps, may be more than a dreaming gift? Do not understand what God can do with you.

We saw how God created an opportunity for David too, when King Saul and those armies of Israel could not stand against the man Goliath.

Interestingly, it was at that same specific time God caused David’s father to send him to that hot battle ground, rushing him to send food and water to those fearful brothers.

Per the story account, this was that time or that moment of truth, that God wanted to open up that door for him in the ‘eyes’ of all souls after He had trained him to learn how to succeed in killing fearless animals like bears and lions in the bush. Oh, that home training was the time for him to sharpen his skills.

Eventually, after helping David to re-evaluate the great warrior Goliath as a common dog or as an un-circumcized being, and killing Goliath with an ordinary stone, God caused the people to see that ‘gift’ in him and caused the whole country to favour him until that boy became one of the greatest kings of Israel, defending Israel in their greatest battles.

Now, I cannot wait to tell you of Esthers, who was not a Persian but became the ‘Miss Persian,’ by grace, a girl who was of no class had also lost all of her parents; and then Daniel, the quite soul in the lion’s den, who God promoted as a Prime Minister in the Medo-Persian kingdom, though per the account, we were told there were great wise men in the land.

Let me take you straight to Saul; though he was looking for assess, met his divine helper Samuel through a divine connection and surprisingly became a king, as a result of that. That was when we knew Saul.

There are a lot of un-mentioned people; however, we know that none of them brought their gifts to the lime-lights without God.

We are all told, that the earth is the Lords, its fullness and they that dwell therein; therefore, while many are the plans of forceful men it is only God’s advice, that will stand.

Now, having known that God is a master builder, a talent developer and also, a talent promoter, we know He can give us much help in such businesses or enterprises and so we cannot do much, without His help.

So, in the course of this talent development business, it is important to seek Him very early to support you so that you can have some things being greased by Him.

If we all, including our nations, promote and acknowledge Him, He will help each of us in our talent based businesses which He already desires to promote.

He has a way of bringing all of these-your talent, the supplies, the promoters, the connections and also, all the customers to you anytime you need them.

The Lord is absolutely a Business Investor who supports talents with resources, the moment you realize your natural capabilities. All through the Bible, this is what we have seen Him do, in the lives of countless.

Most of the things we have gone to school to study, are not in the area of the inner talents we have, so God still does not bless such endeavours, meaning that that is why God often times, may not give it much supports.  Now, He understands, once your destiny is gone you are forever a walking loser.

God will not promote our wrongful ventures lest He ends up destroying us instead of promoting us all. So then, we know He is a Wise Counselor and a Wise Investor and He will promote that which will last, not that which only seems nice or good. He just wants to keep you in the right place.

Trust me-our modern educational systems are good, but can mislead at times; yes, this is because, many people have still not been able to discover themselves through the years, a reason why many do not have jobs or are broke today; therefore, though the modern structure of education is good, unfortunately, this same structure has not always been helpful for the demands of the pressing economy. However, what do you think will happen when everyone begins to walk in the paths of His talents?

Therefore, I tell you that God is good at such businesses. Both in the Bible and outside the Bible, these are the things God likes to do, that is, to take up people with their talents and build something out of their lives.

Well, why not? Well, God Himself enjoys seeing individuals using their talents which He had personally given to them to do something for His Glory, for their communities and for His kingdom; the second reason is that, there is no talent, which is a social vice (or a sin).

If we will start our talent-based businesses right now, God will be happy with all of us and He will be right there, helping each of us in our homes, to support us in the step-by-step order so it works. Yeah, at some point, you will need God to open some major doors for you in this form of business venture.

Start your Talent-Based Business right now, if you have a home, so that you can achieve all that you have yearned to be in future and to enjoy all those sultry privileges and benefits stated above.

Start it now.


The Conclusion

This is God’s plan for the modern youth and for the entire economies. We need to always thank God and praise God for that matter that anytime the going gets tough for our nations and our entire world He comes in to show us a way out.

He has done that which nobody has done.

It is not too late to have meaning in life. Together, let us build our own business enterprises and let us join in the development of our nations. We know that most governments are suffering and they will not be able to do everything we want for us.

Therefore, the Lord has provided help to the world, in the form of advice, in which He is willing to help any soul who will like to do it.


Prince Akogo (Called To Be A Prophet & A Teacher Of God’s Word.)


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