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Business Idea: Turn Your Pain Today Into A Business

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 Are you going through some really painful or hurtful experiences?

You shouldn’t kill yourself for it.

However, there are thousands or millions of people in our world who are on the verge of going through the same hurtful experiences.

They are just about to make the same mistakes.  This issue could be in the area of marriage, business, behaviour or peer pressure. Instead of throwing in the towel and and thinking of ending your life, why not rather turn that hurtful experience or pain, into one good blessing?

Why won’t you share your experiences in a book for us to know? As well, why not turn your pain into a Podcast, Radio or T.V program to help the countless, and turn this pain into a gain, by making money out of it through your consulting or counselling sessions?

So, open Microsoft Office Word on your laptop; then start typing. Put a cover on the edited manuscript and then start selling.

Okay-imagine this title:

’’What I noticed in my body when I had Aids in 2022,’ or ‘’14 things I learnt in 48 years of marriage before I divorced my spouse,” or rather, ‘How it feels like to have a cheating husband.’’

Do you think these titles are powerful enough to grasp the attention of many who’s legs are just about to walk into these doors or are already one-foot in those doors?

It is unfortunate that you have to learn the lessons first, but it is a blessing that you had to learn those same lessons first, if you understand how much you can gain from them.

Like they often say, experience is the best teacher.

These titles on a book, or for a TV, podcast or a radio program, will definitely catch the attention of readers and will garner an audience. These titles derived from a real pain, can garner a lot of curiosity, which can be converted into a good business. Secondly, you’ll are going to use these given platforms or opportunities, to change someone’s life.

So beloved, it is just not going to be about the money. In this case, you have instantly become a blessing to others, and to yourself, probably becoming thankful, that this ordeal, had happen to you. So, change your pain into a gain, to become the blessing which the whole world’s community is waiting to learn from.

Your issue is unique; it is such that it must be shared, to a large audience. You’re here to change society, and have the key to do that.

However, with respect to your book, you can sell it on online bookstores.

These online bookstores, like Amazon KDP, will only take a small cut from your book sales when units of your books are sold on their platforms. So, they do not charge you any upfront fee whatsoever, when you want to list or publish your books on their platforms. You can share them on Facebook Groups and other social media groups as another option.

As you can see, there are lots of possible ways, beloved, you can change that hurtful experience or pain into much gain, so that you and others’ lives will be change.

This is the work you’re called to do; it’s your portion in life. 

In addition, remember that you have one favourite fan here, awaiting on you to shine like a perfect star, in the skies.

Thank you.


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