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Convert Home Left Overs Into Lucrative Businesses

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It is possible to change several waste products and other raw materials found within the corners of our homes, into a form of business.

-A waste product like saw-dust, can be packaged and sold to the poultry industry
-Waste papers can be recycled or converted into a piece of jotter, to be sold.
-Cassava and corn dough, can be obtained from leftover cassava and corn food, respectively.
-Cassava chips can be obtained from the cassava we leave down on our kitchen table.
-Coconut shells as well, can be converted into coconut bowls.
-Palm fronds can be neatly woven into palm baskets.
-Those empty paint rubber and metallic buckets placed in our storeroom, can be changed into beautifully painted flower pots.
-Some types of rubber plastics which are seen as a waste at home, as well as certain types of cardboard papers, can be converted into beads, to be sold on the markets.
-Biogas, can get you energy for business.

Should we repackage these recycled goods very well, we’ll get demand for them, as there are market demands for recycled goods. We should throw them away, as waste.


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