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Try The Plantain Chips Business

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Plantain chips or crisp!

Most people eat it. I eat plantain chips. It’s quite easy to set-up A PLANTAIN CHIP business. So what do you do?

First, go to the markets (especially the food-stuff markets) to buy bunches of plantain.

Buy them in bulk quantities.

At the Big Food Markets of your country, you may get good bunches of plantain at very cheap prices, either ripe or unripe. Upon your arrival, with a knife, peel the shell off; then wash and slice them into those recognizable flat crisp or chip shapes.

(You’ve just started this business at home).

Furthermore, dip either the ripe or unripe chips into a salt solution. (Of course, this saline water shouldn’t be too salty).

After that, fry the plantain in any ordinary cooking oil.

Remember to heat your oil very well before dipping them in. After they are cooked, strain the oil from them by bringing them out of the oil.

They become flaky after frying them and allowing them to cool off.

Finally, package your flakes into pop-corn size colourfully designed paper bags. From here, you can now advertise them on the markets.

There you go; your plantain crisp or chips business has just started, which can be served in paper bags with Pepsi or Coke soda, much like pop-corns. 

Serve them together, as your food business with a clean good price tag. 

You can begin selling in the neighbourhood or from door to door to generate money.


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