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Business & Job-Seeking Idea: Become A Jack Of All Trades To Tackle Current Economic Problems

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As a human, you need learn or have many or multi skills. Each skill you have (or will have), is going to be a specific key to open a specific window, in order to generate money from it. 

In other words, becoming a Jack of all trades, sometimes gives you more leverage over those in our economy today, who are professionals in only one skill. Being multi-skilled or multi-talented means that, you have become like a Swiss-army knife, that has multiple functions or for multiple uses. (You come in handy, when people need any sort of work to be done).

When you become this way, it becomes very hard for you to struggle in a hard economic time, such as this one we’re facing. That means, you don’t become stuck, whereas these others are going to be.

Do you know why God is called a Lawyer, a Master, a Teacher, a Healer, a Doctor, a King, a Priest, a Good Father, a Businessman, a Priest, a King, bearing other titles as well? 

It means, God, whom man or woman hailed out from, is multi-skilled. He’s multi-talented! I don’t think with God, becoming a master all traders, you end up becoming a master of nothing. Being good as so many things, He has merited the name, ”The Infinite Wisdom!”

As a child of God, born in the image and likeness of God, you can become like Him.

Then the Lord said to me:

”To have many skills gives you several job-securities, unlike the one with only one skill.”

He was right: He Himself has several skills, and so, has several job-securities. In fact, He doesn’t need any man to do anything for Him; He can do everything by Himself.

In simplicity, when in our lifetime continually think that they can learn only one skill or one trade to survive, this is what ends up making them become stuck in life. You’ll often hear them complain:

‘‘I don’t have any job to do any longer. I don’t know what to do again, in this life. ’’ 

So now, you need to start considering to learn or put yourself into many trades; broaden your knowledge or scope. When you should do so now, these multiple skills will become to you ‘’the various windows of escapes’’ against life’s unpredictable situations.

So, each of those skills, will bring multiple contracts at its own time. In short, here is also how we give ourselves ‘an economic defence’ against the unforeseen future. So, by the time you’re done with one contract, the skill under your sleeves, will bring another form of contract for you.

You’ll always keep going forward, whereas countless others may be stuck which is what is happening, in our world today.

More so, those multiple acquired talents or skills will definitely strengthen your C.V, making you a better job-hot-applicant, in such competitive markets, than the others. Never again should you go into the walls of academia, and say I’m going to pursue only one subject, or course. (You could be limiting your chances of survival, in the current economic darkness.

Boasting in only one jobbing skill, will certainly limit you to shine (limit your potentials), and certainly bring you to the place of mediocrity.



But the big question is:

”How do you start from where you are now?”

Now to learn, there are many things you can begin by learning online today, which you can easily do at the comfort of your homes. By typing ‘’How to do this or that…’’  in any web browser, you’ll certainly get results from many professionals, who have professional knowledge in that subject. One of the best places to do that, is the YouTube video community.

Don’t also forget, that we on Love Hall (on this site), are also trying to give as many results on skills acquisition or development, so as to make you a potential Swiss-army knife for these current economic challenges.

Indeed, becoming multi-talented or multi-skilled like your Eternal Father (God), is what is going to save you now, and in your future. So, consider having various ‘talents’ for various escapes, as times have changed, or is actually changing so fast, and as well, giving limited chances or opportunities to people who have only one skill, in the market.

Apart from these benefits, you’ll also be able to do so many things for yourself, without paying anyone to do them for you, in order to save yourself some money. So, it is important to enrol yourself into learning some more trades now, to become a Swish-army knife, or in short, as wise as God, giving yourself many job securities against the uncertain future.


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