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Do Not Wear Tight Garments: Wear Your Quite Loose Garments

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Thick Garments, having little or no pores are one type of dresses which cause us to sweat, itch, and enable you to absorb a lot of heat upon our bodies; they make us feel uncomfortable

On this note, the Lord had said that we should learn to wear quite loose garments on our bodies.

Some of us like to wear dresses which are so thick, or which are so tight upon our bodies. This can’t be good for us in these times when the sun is scorching us up.

Surely, while in tight clothes, heat, sweat, which comes along with dirt, mixed with uneasiness, comes upon us.

Therefore, by frequently wearing loose garments (or these quite loose garments as suggested by the Lord), we can avoid too much heat piling up on our bodies, too much sweat, and all the uneasiness as well, such as boils, itching, rashes and other skin diseases which often, can be quite uncomfortable.

Our manner of dressing is very important

In short, we should be determined to check the weather always and we should know which dresses are needed for worn at such particular times or seasons.  


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