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These Are Some Best Tips & Practices When Shopping For Products For Business & Personal Use

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These Are Some Best Tips & Practices When Shopping For Products For Business & Personal Use

As long as this life is concerned, you need to have a plan before you go out for shopping. You don’t just go out on the streets and start ordering things.

There should be a plan. It is one sure way to save you money, when you go out for shopping. You’re becoming frugal, if you should do this every time, before going to the markets.

So, before you hit on the road;

a) First, plan as to how much you’re going to spend in total.
b) Plan on what you’re going to buy. You must make sure you are in need those things before you spend money on them, or you go out purchasing them.

Other important questions you need to ask yourself include:

  1. Will this service or product change or improve my life? (Will that product be beneficial or useful to my current situation? (In short, if this thing is going to change your life and business for good, then it’s worth investing into it. Otherwise, don’t buy it. Period! So, you should consider to see whether it’s good for you and your environment before you go for it. If that product is not environmentally friendly, don’t shop it, otherwise, the Law or Environmental Protection Agencies may come after you.


2. If you answer the first question and are sure of the usefulness of that product or service to your current state or situation, then start thinking of where to get them. As you know, there are different market locations for different products or services. You need to research on this to know where exactly you’re going to get that service or product before you set off, in order to save yourself money, time and energy. Going to the wrong markets may bring waste to your money, time and energy, as well as not getting what you want.


3. When you arrive at that right market, start asking questions from stores around. When you make your way into any shop, ask them the right questions, to make sure you’re getting what you want. (Please, ask many questions as possible about that product or the service, to make sure your doubts are crushed). In this case, ask for samples to taste, to feel, examine or touch, to know and to be sure of what you’re getting. You must equally ask to find out whether the product or the service has any warranty. It is important to find out whether there are any discounts on the price or promotions going on. Moreover, make sure you can bargain price cuts, as there are some products or services which can be overly priced, by most of these shops. This is why you start by entering multiple shops to ask each one about their prices.

Asking helps you know or understand product or service better. It also helps you to have or build a better relationship with shop or company. Yes, as a matter of fact, for some of them, your keenness to know the truth helps them serve you better.

Surely, they wouldn’t want you to;

i) Stop coming to their shop or office for not being satisfied.

ii) Pin them to the law or sue them for misunderstanding those services they offer, which can harm you or become a detriment to you, and to your company.

Hence, the truth is, customers of shoppers who ask questions (the right questions of course), do get better business relationship as well as customer experiences. While they get what they want, those who don’t ask do not get value for their money. They become unhappy, and at the end, waste a lot of energy, money and time from getting unsatisfied.

To shop from the average market is a technique (or a skill) that which must be carefully learnt, in order to get the best value for your life.

So, unless we ask those shops, these deep important questions, we’ll still come home with the worst of those experiences’ shoppers are known to have, on a daily basis.

Do not be carried away by interesting advertisements and promotions from these companies. They may still not mean anything, with respect to the quality of the products.

4. At this stage, when making purchases, make sure you pay for the most important service or product first, to be followed by the next, until you clear the last one, unless you have money to pay for everything you had picked and placed on the shopping counter. (In addition, this as well mean that, since you may not find all your requirement in one particular shop, then you may have to start your shopping from the most important shop. (The most important shop is measured by the most important products or items you need to purchase on the shopping list.) Hence, when we go to the markets, we should ask about the most important companies, who offer that particular service in town. (Anyway, this is why you’ll have to do your researches well before you step into town. However, you may have to ask or make your enquiries from mor than source, should you want to get your things right.)


5. Do ask them for your receipts: Always ask them for your receipts for all your purchases. We should also be careful not to destroy those receipts when we get out of these shops or markets. (To destroy the receipts means, you fully trust the service or product; however, you may someday be disappointed, as this has been the case with many shoppers just like you.)

Trust me, in the event of situation, the only proofs or evidences that can get you out or save you are those receipts printed out to you.

Aside that, there are many other benefits receipts can bring to you; an example is that, they can help you to secure a business loan.

On this fifth point, do make sure you’ve made the right payment to the right seller or person. Do not assume everyone standing in that shop is the right sales person or sales attendant.

6. Investigate to see whether the right deductions have been made and you have the right change. Investigate to see whether the right transaction has been issued on those receipts handed down to you. You should not assume everyone in the shop is the right seller or the right vendor.

7. Ensure that they have their business contacts on those receipts. However, if they are not written on those receipts, then you need to ask them for it. Perhaps, you may have to ask them for proper usage of these product or to make your satisfactory or unsatisfactory remarks on the phone. In this case, you wouldn’t have to come all the way through this heinous traffic, to come and ask them.


8. Finally, you should always thank them for the good service run for you; it’s always a good courtesy to do so.


I believe that the above steps or points will help anybody make the right purchases, and to have the right experiences anytime he or she should go to the markets for his home, or for his business.

Thank you.


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