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Support Your Wife So She Can Support You

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Support Your Wife So She Can Support You


You need to set up a business for your wife, most likely, one that is in her area of calling, that is, in the area of her endowed talents.

This was the reason why God called your wife to be by your side, so she can give you the necessary support in all that you do. If you become the only breadwinner of the house, this could become too stressful. Therefore, you are to support your wife so she can equally carry some of the burdens for you. This is the reason why she is your wife-to be always there to assist.

Before Eve will stem out of Adam’s rib cage, God had already given Adam a work to do.

Now, realizing that Adam needed assistance, He then decide to give him one. The Lord was a thoughtful Person; if one will chase out a thousand, two could handle ten-thousand.

In this, it meant that, Eve was not called to become a basketball wife, to just sit at home, to enjoy whatever was being brought her by her husband. When one becomes a consumer to only eat up the efforts of the other, how can there be riches or economic improvement?

You cannot keep your wife home, doing nothing. God’s simple command was, ‘she must be a helpmeet’ This is what she must become in fulfilment of her God-given assignments, otherwise you have made her fail in her life or in her calling.

You are called into leadership to lead her in fulfilling every assigned calling she’s been given. As a master, it is your duty to do so.

Her purpose is not just to give you sex in bed. It is a demeaning thought against the potential of a woman, if we should consider all that God had called her to be in life.

So then, setup a business for the virtuous woman, for the wife of your youth and let her work to support the home. She’s part of the glory of the house and she is to help you build that house. The house will be built together by putting your hands together.

We do not build a family only by love, but we also by our works and the mutual supports we give to each other. Hence, the value of a woman is measured by the works she engages in to support her husband or her male partner. It is not right for a man to think he’s the only one to provide for the upkeep of the house. Once your foot is not on good standing, she will be there with her acquired resources to support you and the home.

Now, later, the Lord added; ”You need to setup a good business for your wife so she can become very strong before you die, lest she becomes incapable of catering for herself and for the children.’

Now, this is a true saying, because men often die early, leaving their wives as widows and children as orphans. Should you equip her well enough before your departure, she’ll still be strong to cater for your children.  On the other hand, if she is not working before her husband should pass on, it will become very difficult for her and the kids, which is not the kind of state you would like to leave behind with, as your legacy.

It explains why sometimes, some widows end up leaving home to beg on the streets with their kids, in search of food when the breadwinner, which is the man, dies. Meanwhile, all this could have been curtailed if she was working or you had established her in whatever she needs to do.

Hence, the only reason why God said men needed helpers was because, it was not good for the men to manage their works alone. The purpose was to build our house like a fully-fledged company. In her assignments by your side, she also needs all the necessary resources to do that, which can be or must be sponsored by you.

We know that, the clouds receive water; however, they also give out water (rain) and together, the entire water-cycle, supports earthly life.

So, for the house to experience development, support the wife of your youth so she can support the development of the matrimonial home by your support.


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