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Financial Savings Strategy: Change Your Monies Into Coins To Save

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Financial Savings Strategy: Change Your Monies Into Coins To Save


Have you realized that often times, when holding paper money or note, we end up spending it faster, compared to coins?

People may tell you that while in town, ”things” begin to call their attention. It’s as though a spirit jumps upon you and will compel you to make impulse buying, when you actually do not have plans to make such impulse purchases, at such times.

Meanwhile, the experience may be different with coins. Mostly, nothing pushes you to make purchases with that; this could mean that they are less valued among the denominations. Those coins can be in your pockets for a very long time, without haven that sense of spending them.

In other words, while strong urge over your paper notes will cause you to spend money, thus, making you unable to save, the weak urge over coins helps you to keep your money, thus, making you save.

Well, this realization can show you one of the things we can do to save money now:

Why not convert your notes or bigger denominations into coins, which will prevent you from making such impulse purchases? One of the ways to do that, is to find something less inexpensive to buy with the bill or note, say something that should cost you a dollar or a penny; then request from the seller to give you coins or lesser denominations as your balance.

In that form, you wouldn’t be under that compulsion to spend the rest.

To save the coins, buy or make a money box (piggy bank), to save in all these lower denominations.

Overtime, you’ll notice how much you’ve been able to save, which would have all gone into wasting, if you hadn’t done that.

When you’re ready to use that money somewhere in the future, you may decide to convert it back into the huge denominations to make your purchases, which at this point, will be most needed.

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