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A Quick Tip-How to hand-wash clothing very well

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When some people are trying to hand-wash their clothing, you will often see them with about 30+ clothing, trying to wash all of them at the very same time. However, this is not a wise way of doing things, since this way can take much of your time and energy.

Besides, it could also be much difficult in doing so.

Rather, if you know your strength level can wash up to about 12 dresses-meaning that you will not feel so tired after washing these 12 things, then, anytime the number of your dirty clothing reach 12, gather them immediately and wash.

Now, to even make it easier to wash these 12 items, why not soak some or all of them for about 4 or 5 hours to remove much of the dirt or the stains, as well as to soften all these 12 fabrics?  This will make washing less energy and time consuming. So, first, analyze your strength-level and understand how many things you can wash per a sit-down, before you start.


A Quick Tip:

 Prince Akogo

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