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How To Please & Make Your Wife Happy: Resolving Marital Issues

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The Lord showed me a list of things we can do to make our wives who live with us, very happy.

In short, He went ahead to say that, if we want our wives to be happy with us, we are to;


a) Give them gifts; at least twice every month.

b) Give her more caresses and kisses. Now, in sharing this second point, He stressed on giving her ‘‘Good Sex.’’ However, ‘good sex,’ as often misunderstood by some men, do not mean adulterated ways of having sex, to achieve that result. There truly certain styles which can damage her womb and lead to complicated issues, while others will not. Interestingly, according to the Lord, a ‘good sex’ often lies around foreplay, more than the actual activity of sexual intercourse. After all, it takes a longer time for women to reach organism; so then, a ‘good sex’ to your wife, will mean a longer foreplay to achieve that goal. Let her be fully attractive towards you. In the end, this shows that you truly want her.

c) You are to spend considerable time with her.

d) Lead her into prayer.

e) Have great and soothing conversations with her most of the time. So, most of the time, talk to her. Tell her you love her. Just make time for her each and every day, or simply every morning.

f) Go on vacations with her, to spend time together.

g) Be pleased and go on to see her parents, especially her mummy and try to develop a good relationship with her.


While there may be more simple steps I could give to you, I believe these first steps are enough for this moment for you to achieve that objective goal of pleasing and making your wife happy, as the Lord wants you do.


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