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What God Expects From The World

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What God Expects From The World


I asked the Lord, “What do you expect the world to do?”

“I Expect The Whole World To Walk In Love, And To See Their Neighbour As Their Brother. He continued and had said that;

‘‘However, If The Whole World Must Walk In Love (The Love I Have Designed For Them), Then They Must Understand That;

A) They Are One People From God: This means that we are not different from each other and so must duly treat each other with utmost respect. We must carry on with that reality, as a burden in our hearts.

B) They Are Under One Government: Secondly, we belong to One Government. We are under One Universal Government, the Government of God. Now, we the human race are the citizens of that country. It is a country which God through Christ has formed us for us into. Yes, we are part of God and we are part of God’s government.

C) They Are One Family: Now, as a family in Union, we are to share each other’s burdens and not assume that everything is about us, or God will favour us alone. We mustn’t be self-centred or be selfish. Yes, let us be each other’s keeper, and to keep seeing ourselves as One Family.

D) They Are One Creation. As One Possible Creation made from the dust and the sand, we are not different from each other: that is why we must sync with each other with utmost respect.

With the wind blowing at all of us, we become nothing if God doesn’t hold us up or put us together.

This is all about loving one another, in Christ.

These are the things we must understand as a world. The rest will be a blessing poured upon us by the Almighty God.

Thank You, And God Bless You Brother.


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