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Will Children & Babies Go To Hell?: The Lord Answers

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Will Children & Babies Go To Hell?: The Lord Answers


‘Generally speaking, children below a certain age do not qualify for Hell,’ said the Holy Spirit to me.

Then He answered the second question as well: ‘Aborted babies who were deprived of life cannot make it to Hell.’

Now, according to the Lord, aborted babies are translated back into Heaven from where they came from as God is the One who gives all things, including those babies.

They return back to their Maker or their Father and they are given different teachers to be taught the Word of God. According to Him, they are actually spared and made to go back to Heaven because, they did not live.

This as well includes babies who might have died naturally through miscarriage or childbirth. It’ll be wrong for them to go to Hell fire for no reason. According to the Lord, which reason or act of disobedience, should they be judged of?

Hence, Heaven, is indeed their Home; so, they go back to The Father Of Life.

With regards to infants, children up to a certain age, are equally spared should their lives be lost at an early age. Now, the reason being that, they actually might not or did not know much about right or wrong, nor even actually understood the difference between both.

This makes it quite difficult to demand critical responsibility and accountability from them.

However, according to the Holy Spirit, to say that God ‘cannot’ send babies or infants into Hell, is an understatement-for God actually can. Yes, so though God may decide not to do all things, does not mean He cannot do all things.

For example, physically, God has killed many babies and infants directly or indirectly. Many or several nations having babies or infants have been wiped out completely from the earth; several babies and children were wiped out in Noah’s day, and in Sodom and Gomorrah; several Jewish and Egyptian babies or infants were equally destroyed by Him.

So, if did not have mercy on these babies or kids though innocent from the sins of their siblings and guardians, how difficult will it be for Him to cast them into Hell, if He can allow them to be killed by swords?

So, what if some are Satan’s babies or children, born into sin through the seed of natural birth and therefore, not born again?

How would that child be of good to God? In short, some types of babies or infants will be saved, while some may not be saved-depending upon God’s choice.

We will only trust or believe in God, that He knows better.

Thank you.


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