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A Fictitional Story On Business Development & Growth

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Mary walked into the shop. (Mary Is The One In The Above Featured Image Holding A Basket In Her Hands).

The first thing she saw in the shop disgusted her.

The shop attendant was filing her nail with her legs crossed behind the counter.

‘‘How can this shop keeper be doing this around this time?’’ she wondered.

She walked in with her basket and picked up some tea bags, milk, eggs and sodas from the supermarket.

As she got to the counter, the attendant lazily got up from her chair, snacked on her gum before looking at her new customer.

By this time Mary was disgusted by the second thing-chewing of gum by the shop’s sales girl.

She was becoming angry, as she emptied her basket on top of the encounter.

‘‘Two hundred and fifty dollars,’’ the girl reported, after scanning her products and punching figures onto the sale’s machine on her counter.

Mary handed her the money.

She gave back some balance.

Mary took the bag of products from her hand and headed for the glass doors.

But before she’ll slip out, she turned to look back at this shop-girl again and was very much disgusted again-now, about the third thing.

There was no ”thank you” from the girl.

Mary stared at this shop attendant before leaving.

The attendant went back and sat back in her chair, crossed her legs, went back to filing her nails, snapping back on those huge gums in her mouth, while disgustingly showing a part of her teeth in Mary’s direction.



Unfortunately, Mary had forgotten to pick up the baked beans which Jack her son had requested; so she had to go back to this very same shop the following week.

She walked in expecting to see that annoying girl for the second time.

‘‘Hello mum, thanks for coming in,’’ a voice met her just right after she opened those familiar glass doors.

 She looked up. It wasn’t the same annoying girl she had seen last week.

‘‘Oh, thank you. How are you?’’ She said to this new boy, well dressed, polite with a big smile and thudding like someone fully ready with life, to attend to customers.

‘‘Mum, be ready to call upon me anytime you’re having problems with understanding any of our products on the shelf,’ the boy said; then he added.

”Please, be also ready to call on me in case you’re having problems with carrying your baskets here as well.”

The boy said with a big welcoming smile.

She felt so pleased! His words were so soothing and touching.

‘‘Oh thank you. I can handle it.’’ She said back with strong amazement in her face, as she stared straight at him.

‘‘You’re welcome,” this new shop attendant had been very nice to her ever since she came in; she thought.

She stared at the boy again, as the boy headed back to the counter to occupy the place which that annoying girl was sitting way back last week.

She was already feeling so loved and cared for and she even felt she was satisfied within her before even picking up the products.

Well, at a point, she felt this ”care” was what she needed from this very shop and not even the products.

In fact, she even realized that she almost lost her track to the Food Section which she needed to go to.

When she picked up the beans and headed for that familiar counter, the boy was smartly standing at the back of the familiar counter, with a grin in his young face.

‘‘Once again; thank you,’’ she heard the boy say, as she watched him offload the products from the basket onto his long counter.

‘‘Ah, I feel like someone who just came from the hot sun into a cool room,’’ she thought, taking in a deep breath.

The young boy punched in some few buttons, put her products into a sack and asked from her;

” Please mum, do remember to contact the following lines on our receipts if you have any problems with our products; and do well to say hello to the family and that it’s coming from this shop and our manager.’’

She couldn’t believe her ears and eyes.

‘‘Yes, yes, yes-I’ll do that,’’ the words struggled to come out of her lips.

‘‘Yeah, yes, yes-I’m going to do just that.”

She turned and stopped several times on the familiar way, when she headed for the door.

‘‘Oh my world!”

”I need to go back and announce to everyone in my area, who have been bitterly complaining about this shop for the past weeks and months, saying that they wouldn’t in here again.”

‘‘Good-I need to. They need to come back here to see something and believe it for themselves.”

She quickly walked out closed the door behind her and fled onto the streets of Accra.


End Of Part 1:

  • Did We See Any Differences In The Services In The First Shop Attendant And Services Of The Second She Attendant Our Sister Had Met The Following Week?

It’s Now Up For Discussion. Moreover, How Can We Also Apply These Tips Onto Our Businesses?

  • This Fictional Fiction Story Explaining & Teaching Us All On Business Development Was Proudly Produced & Written By:

Prince Akogo


(Find Out On What Happened In The Next Episode Of The Story):

What Made The First Girl Leave? Is She Still Working There Or Has She Been Sacked?

*Find Out Again-Did Mary Tell All The People-In The Streets Of Accra?

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