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The Girl Who Died Because Of The Doctor’s Negligence

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She told me how her friend died at the hospital due to the doctor’s negligence.  My friend Akos narrated what happened to her friend.

Her friend was eating in the house when all of a sudden, she got chocked up on a bone. She quickly called to the attention of her parents who were with her in the house.

They had to quickly rush her to the nearest hospital.

The only problem was that, the incidence happened very late at night and also the nearest hospital was only some miles away. On arrival at the hospital, the doctors and nurses had to rush her to the emergency section: well, it was because she was losing her breath.

The doctors run to examine her, to examine the state of her condition. They knew exactly what they could do about it, but for some reason she told me that they paused. The night doctor came out of the theatre; he called her parents unto one side and said, ‘‘We can actually do the work, but until you pay, we’ll not be able to touch her.’’

‘‘You work on her, we’ll get you the money,’’ her parents told the doctor. To their amazement, due to their haste, they forgot to pick money or their ATM card. Home too was far away.

‘‘ Sir, we actually have the money, but we forgot to even pick up money. Sir, it’s late right now, and we’re also coming from a very long distance. You can go ahead and work on her, and first thing in thing in the morning, we’ll hand you over the money.’’

‘‘Sorry mum, we have a policy here which states that you must pay before work begins on the patient. Simply it’s a cash and carry system,’’ said the doctor to the patient’s worried mother.

They did everything to influence the doctor to be merciful to their child, looking at the life-threatening circumstances but unfortunately the price of 50$ was more important to the medical doctors than the price of a life.

‘‘I’m sorry, you can leave her here. However, when the money is here by tomorrow, then we will starting working on her.’’ All that time, they didn’t know she was losing her God-given life.

Sadly, her parents had to leave and to travel back home, expecting to see her alive by the following morning when they return back to the hospital, with the money.

In short, the parents left because the night was growing darker; in short, the doctors abandoned her life. They abandoned the emergency situation till her parents would have to show up with the money. They neglected her case for 50$.

Before sunrise (dawn), her parents quickly hit the road with that money, with additional provisions for their baby. They reported to the counter and spoke with the nurse.  ‘‘Are you Mr. and Mrs. Simpson? (Their actual names have been withheld).


They screamed.

The nurse quickly took a deep breath and quickly hit the buttons on the telephone; ‘’Doctor, the parents are in.’’

In a minute, the doctor was at the counter, looking worried.

‘‘Sir,’’ referring to the girl’s dad, ‘’Can I talk to you, sir?’’

The girl’s dad agreed, and walked with the doctor to a nearby office of the hospital. ‘‘I’m so sorry, I’m sorry-‘’ The doctor said, stammering worriedly.

‘‘You’re sorry about what?’’ the patient’s daddy also asked worriedly.

‘‘Is my girl okay?’’ he added, shaking.

‘‘Erm, no sir, she couldn’t survive the choke. We lost her by the time it got to the morning.’’  ‘‘Oh my God!’’ her daddy screamed, alarming the whole hospital.

‘‘So you abandoned my gifted daughter to leave the world-just-just because of 50$?’’

‘‘Oh God!’’ Suddenly, her daddy sat on the ground, weeping uncontrollably.

”What’s the matter?’’ Her mother also bumped in.

(This story is a true, and the girl’s picture was on social media with friends and sympathizers angry about the cause of her loss).

The Story Lessons:

  • Is it good for the world to behave like this where we lose our ‘feelings’ because of money, but we expect God to go out of His way to care for us, anytime we have need? Couldn’t the doctor even pay though her parents weren’t having the 50$ at that unfortunate time? 

Key Story Lesson: Let’s try to be each other’s keeper, for no matter what or irrespective of our circumstances, we are still here as one family. Yes, we shouldn’t make money divide us or make us loose our sense of feeling.

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Written By Prince Akogo.

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