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A Quick Tip On Your Meal

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In a nice rice and stew meal, actually, the balance part of the meal is the stew, not the rice. For the stew has carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins, protein, fibres and many other nutrients in the whole mix.

However, you will often see people taking more of the plain rice but little of the stew. O, unfortunately the rice just has one or two.
So, that’s so wrong.
Rather, you should eat more stew and less rice to eat what’s really a balanced meal. (Most especially a more green stew (herb-stew), more than tomato stew). (You see why God also told Adam to use the herbs for food-not some tomatoes?) Check Gen. 1-29; This explains tp us why there is so much wisdom in God, who created the earth.
Yet, to be able to consume more stew, reduce the oil and make the vegetables and herbs less uncooked, so you can enjoy such a meal, like ripe pawpaw (like a pawpaw stew-so, you see that thing?). This kind of stew will be so good to your health and to corners of your heart!
(Secondly, try more herb soups than tomatoes soups)

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Prince Akogo.

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