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Explaining This Proverbs: Prov.17:16

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“What good is money in the hands of a fool since he has no desire to get wisdom?”

(Prov. 17:16 KJB)


Explaining The Solomonic Proverb:

From the interpretation that I have, Solomon is telling us here that, it’s not enough to accumulate financial resources nor to give any financial resource to any man when the person is not trained enough-whether man or woman. Otherwise, those hard-earned resources could be wasted. (Listen, it takes a lot of energy, money and time to acquire these financial resources (money), as well as any other resources we primarily use.

Do not give any financial resource (or any other resource) to one, who is not educated in the said field or an expert in that field.

He may even be an expert in one other field, but not in another which you’re in need of; that means that, he or she is a fool in this first regard, but considered ‘wise’ in another area. This is why we take our children to school to acquire the necessary ‘‘wisdom,’’ even before employing them into our business and property fields, or they being employed by others in both their business and property fields, lest they destroy everything we own in all our lifetime with their foolish hearts.

It is a wise thing to do, not to give your property to a fool!

Solomon said it all.

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