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Mad Or Crazy Relationships Which Are Going Around, The World

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Last year 2018, we recorded one of the saddest stories, down in one of our universities. One lady got her throat slashed by her supposed fiance.

According to the papers, her fiance was a taxi driver by profession, who had taken care of this girl, from high school down to her 3rd year in her university career.

The girl was not from a good home, before the cab driver met her.

He developed great interest in this young lady, but decided to not just love, but to also support her, in all that she wanted, including her educational career due to the state that she was! This taxi driver took care of the girl since he met her in high school till third, or final year. Yes, the guy was her main man or person supporting her, according to the story. Well, somewhere along the line, the guy noticed unusual behaviours stemming up from this lady!

It was like her attitude was changing. Yes, this man’s feelings began to deeply hurt. Well, the hurt grew intensely, as he suspected the matured lily might be going around with someone on the campus. Certianly, he confronted her, but unfortunately, the reply he got was one that was a blow to him.

Well, the lady said to him that he was not his class, and that she cannot be in a relationship with him.

”You cannot go out with me?” the man was surprised. Angrily, He run into his car and drove away! He couldn’t sleep that night, counting his investments into this life.

Now, the girl received a call on another day, and it was the taxi driver who asked, to see her. ( Not knowing, this man had a heinous plan!) The driver had parked outside when he called her.

Well, not knowing why she was being called, this young lady went out to meet the taxi driver whom she’d first or formerly accepted his proposal.

On arrival, and in a pretense to talk to her, he stabbed her, cutting her throat, and leaving her lifeless on the ground; he got into his car, and made away!

The news got to the police, and a rapid response team was sent to the field, until the murdere was caught.

The driver is in police custody today, and had been sentenced to life imprisonment for committing a crime.

Now, the girl has lost her life, and her new relationship she thought was better; and secondly, the taxi driver has lost

a) His future

b)  The girl

c) And his investments, too.

It has all ended up into some lessons, and also into losses!


The Story’s Lessons:

* Let’s learn our lessons; If a relationship will not end well, let’s not make it began, at all!

* Secondly, let’s not try to take advantage of people; They can be bitter or offended.

* Also, be rest assured, that the relationships that involve sugar daddy’s or sugar mummies, will end up in trouble.

* Now, God has a future for everybody. Don’t cut corners to make a future for yourself.

* To cut everything short, know who God had destined for you, before you go out with the person. Don’t cut corners. Not everything you think will go on well, will go on well!

* What great lessons have you learnt from this story?  Share your comment or chat with us below; find other true stories below, or from our homepage!

* Story Lessons-True Stories Going Round The world!

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