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A Fictional Story On Academic & On Life Development

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A Fictional Story On Academic & On Life Development

(The Characters Of This Story Are Those In The Picture Above)

Teacher Joe stood in front of the class and pointed to the blackboard, ‘‘So, who can tell me what  ECOWAS means or stands for?’’ He asked the class.

One fair boy stood up, ‘’ Economic Community of West African Countries.’’


Immediately, the class clapped for him. But just when Mr. Hanson Joe was about to point to the blackboard with his cane and quickly ask the next question, he spotted Michael in the left corner with his head bowed, and with a worried face.

Soon, the break-time bell rang. All the students run out of the class. Michael was still there as he looked into the class again.

Sir Joe dropped his cane; he walked slowly towards his student and leaned against the worried boy’s desk. ‘‘What is it Michael?’’ He asked, feeling the boy’s shoulder.

Michael took a deep breath and spoke, ‘‘I’ve been having this problem for a long time-I can’t understand anything I read.’’

‘‘Well, I get you-that’s okay.’’

Mr. Joe shook the boy’s shoulder again and added, saying, ‘‘I understand; when I was in school I used to have the same challenge until Mr Dovsi gave me a good tip. That was how I got here.’’

‘‘Who’s Mr Dovsi?’’ His pupil enquired.

‘‘That’s my long time English teacher. Mr. Dovsi was a great learned man.’’

The worried boy stared straight at the tall brown man in front of him.

‘‘He taught me that I’ll need to write down points or tips from my books anytime I’m reading them.  He explained, Michael, that this will be good for two reasons,’’ he continued ‘‘First, you’ll be able to list down the salient points that are in the huge textbooks or in your notes.’’ 

By this time, the boy was smiling up at him.

‘‘Then at your spare time, memorize the points; and then try to see whether you can actually relate them in real life.’’

‘‘Wow,’’ Michael said, almost shouting.

‘‘He finally said I should make sure I go through the list 10-15 minutes before I write any exam.’’

‘‘Well, perhaps, this can quickly refresh my mind.’’

‘‘Wow, that was cool,’’ showing that he understood and having a big smile on his face around this time, the boy said with joy.

‘‘Michael, the second reason old-man Dovsi gave for doing that was-I’ll most likely be able to remind myself of what I wrote down-and chances are, will be able to write down the exact same thing-on the paper. However, if I don’t remember to write down the very same thing, yet, due to the fact that I was able to relate it with things that relate to everyday life, I could at least write them down in my words.’’

‘‘This was what Mr. Dovsi said.’’

‘‘Wow, Mr. Dovsi was a great teacher. Yes, I can easily relate to this.’’

The boy clinched his fist in excitement.

‘‘That’s good, my boy,’’ the teacher said. He quickly run his hand over the boy’s blonde hair.

‘‘Yes! Yes! I have got this.’’ the boy exclaimed.

‘‘Alright boy, go catch up with your friends.’’

‘‘Thanks; thanks!’’ the boy said thanked his teacher.

The teacher smiled back at him while he watched his student rise up from his seat and headed straight for the classroom wooden door.


The Story Written BY PRINCE AKOGO.



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