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A Leader’s Greatest Skill

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A Leader’s Greatest Skills


‘‘I do not feel attracted to Mr. Jackson’s style of leadership,’’ Bob Hans said, as they walked down on the stairs of the conference hall.

They were from a conference meeting, held by the Managing Director, Mr. Jackson.  

Peter smiled at him and said,

‘‘Wow, it seems a lot of people have been complaining about it!”

”You’re like the 12th person I’ve heard about this from in this management…Margaret complained about the same thing during break time,” he said to Bob.


”I thought she really liked Mr. Jackson?’’ Bob was surprised, turning his head on the side to look at his colleague from the same office department.”

‘‘Well Peter, what do you think may be this problem, why several of us don’t seem to go along with this man’s style of leadership, even including his personal assistant, Margaret?”

”Well, because you’ll often see them together.’’ Bob added.

‘‘Everyone around here sees this man too cold or strict,” Peter answered, and added to this;

”Because of this, no one feels the connection.”

”All the people start hiding the minute he shows up.’’

‘‘Even as you can see, during the question-and-answer time of this conference, nobody could ask him a single question,’’ he added again.

‘‘Hahaha, well, Peter, you are certainly right,’’ Bob agreed.

‘‘I looked and saw that everyone’s face looked straight. Nobody could even dare to smile,’’ Bob added.

‘‘That is too bad. From the look of things, I don’t think he should be too strict, neither should he be too soft either,’’ suddenly, a female voice said those words behind them.

They were instantly startled.

”Margaret!’’ Bob jumped to the side of the pavement. ‘‘How long have you been following us, Margaret?”

Peter panted in surprise, holding his heart and breathing heavily as thought someone who’s been caught stealing, from a soup!

‘‘I was out for launch. I was behind you when I heard you mention my name. That made me follow suite to know what you were gossiping about.’’

‘‘We were not really talking about you,’’ Bob confessed to her.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s about Mr. Jackson,’’ she said, looking into the eyes of both of them in front of the snacks bar, one block away from the conference room.

Peter and Bob both looked into the face of each other, puzzled and looked at her.

Margaret, was the direct secretary to Mr. Jackson; though she was their senior she was also their friend.

The secretary walked and joined them; the three of them walked to the front of the snacks bar.

‘’Phil, the previous Managing Director of this corporation, was so loved by everyone, and he also caused the people to work out of their hearts,” their friend Margaret revealed.

”The Regional Directors were always enthused about how he teamed up with the people.”

”Sure, it was almost like a force of magnet-so Phil was different.”

She said, staring at her friends, with work files in their hands.

Then she looked straight at the snacks bar in front of her and continued.

‘‘Every co-worker here truly believes he has to leave since he’s giving everybody a hard time here, though he’d just served for 6 months after his quite recent appointment by Regional Chairperson, Mrs. Katherine Foxe,’’ she added and sat down. ”Instead of he serving, he wants to be served while he does it with a cup of strictness.’’

‘‘That’s the problem we are all taking about,’’ Peter nodded his head in agreement.

‘‘Yes, he will often raise his voice at me to scold me, for just any tiny mistake,’’ she kept revealing as they sat on the stools to face her.

‘‘Really, he raised his voice at you?’’ The two men both let out the words.

‘‘That’s the cup of gal he’s trying to serve everyone over here with, and Senior Staff has now filed a report to our Regional Director to address this style immediately.’

She stopped, while the waitress brought her a menu.

‘‘That’s too bad for Mr. Jackson to do that.”

”Mr Jackson will possibly not be able to succeed around here and if he takes things easy. If he will truly love and respect his servants, I know people will commit their lives to him and trust his leadership,’’ Bob adviced, putting his black and brown file on the table.

‘‘That is how we work. That’s how we do it down here, and that’s how we expected it to be done elsewhere.’’

The office secretary crossed her legs as she spoke to them there.


A Fictional Creative Story On Great Leadership Skills.

By Prince Akogo.

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