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Quick Tips-Some more tender and cute names to call your husband…

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Just I told you about the women, do not call your husband ‘ husband .’’ The title  ”husband” now sounds like world war II.’’
To tone down everything, why not call him something more tender, like;
‘‘My Suspender’’
‘‘Our Lotto Papers’’
‘‘Dextex’s Shoe-Lace!’’
‘‘I Love-You-When-You-Marry-Me’’
‘‘I Told You So!’’
‘‘If we meet again’’
‘‘Akwaku-Van Dam’’
‘‘Russian Scissors’’
‘‘Talkish’’ / ‘‘Talkie-Talkie’’
‘‘New Man’s Land.’’
‘‘Fufu-Slider!’’ that is, if he can eat approximately two balls of Fufu…
‘‘Green Card!’’
‘‘I Didn’t Know!’’
“Monkey’s Toy Gun!”
“Grass Cutter!,” if He eats too much meat!
‘‘Domestic Saucepan!’’
‘‘Odo-Too Much!’’
‘‘Bro Pet!’
‘‘Hallelujah-Sunday!,’’ if he doesn’t like going to Church.
‘‘Worm-Plex 800’’
‘‘Bregoro Rich-Pizza!’’
‘‘New York’s Bottle!’’
‘‘Ei, brother Katerine’’
‘‘Brigadier-5 Pe.’’
‘‘My Richie!’’
‘‘Alogo Springi’’
‘‘My Stress Remover!’’
‘‘My Frying-Pan!’’
‘‘Chinese Sauce-Pan.’’
‘‘My belt-Size’’
‘‘F# Sharp Key!’’
‘‘My Kareoke!’’
‘‘Ah-daddy Ka-sa’’
‘‘Ei, Akatamanso.’’
‘’My children’s Tomtom’’
‘‘The Christiano-Ro-Messi!’’
‘‘Heaven’s Swimming Pool!’’
‘‘Keta’s School-Feeding Bowl’’
‘‘Big-Head Tinapa!’’
‘‘The Hemeologies’’
‘‘Ooh Wow!!!’’
& Perhaps, ‘’Mogya Shi-shi,’ that is, if he does not like sleeping at home.

All quite funny, right? Just enlighten the house a little bit and don’t make it boring. 


Inspired by the  Lord.

Prince Akogo.



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