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Quick Tips On Love-Oh Yes, take her opinion…

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Oh Yes, take her opinion very seriously. She is not there to destroy you. She is your wife. Do not call her wife. Why not call her something more tender than ‘wife?’ ”Wife” is now a hard statement. It is sounding like slave trade. What if you can call her…
”My sugar”
”Honey Couchi-couchi”
”Turkish spray”
”Perfect toy”
”Hide-Out Statement”
”Lovely Rose”
”Children’s care”
”Television Pastor”
”Sweet Pepper”
”Dexter’s Laboritory”
”Dutch Spectacles”
”Angular Statement”
”Grinding Attrocities”
”Doctor Boo”
”Sense Attachment”
”Onyan se ni”
” Akosombo-Oforiwa”
”Mtn momo-me”
”Linesman and Referee”
”Brigadier 100”
”The Soup Composer”
”Marriage Cartel”
These are killer ideas you can try some of them at home.


Inspired by the Lord.

ByPrince Akogo

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