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The Boy Who Died Behind The Back Of Their Truck On Their Working Site

Industrial dumper trucks working on highway construction site, loading and unloading earth. heavy duty machinery activity
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(Real Characters Withheld-The People In Picture Do Not Represent The Real Characters In The Actual Event)

A friend of mine who was a truck driver told me an unfortunate incidence, which happened to his friend.  As a truck driver, he used to carry sand at the back of their truck from one site to another. Apparently, that was the job they were living on.

One fateful day, he and his friend decided to stay over at the site and sleep over to the following morning, since they had to carry sand from the site to a different location early that following morning.

My friend Kofi said to me that, they were a group of 4 friends. That evening, while at the site, they chatted, ate, and played for a while and then they all dispersed to find a place to sleep in wait of following day’s business.

As you will often find realize about these heavy truck drivers, you will find them sleeping inside their truck, close to their truck, behind the truck, or sometimes underneath the truck.

The day rose with sadness, but bright for the boys, when they got up that early morning to feed the back of their truck with sand, by using another truck to offload sand into their main heavy truck.

Unfortunately, this fourth boy (friend) was sleeping inside the ‘bucket’ of this truck and was deeply asleep.

While the 3 friends weren’t aware he slept in this deep container of the truck, they lowered leap of sands upon him, till the bucket was full.

Here they were, searching out everywhere, behind, below and away from the truck, to see find their co-worker so he could join them.

Well, unknown to them, he was far buried under the sand they had poured into the track. Apparently, he was screaming and fighting his way out when the first heap of sand was poured upon him, but the noise of trucks and workings on the camp site, distracted everyone from hearing his plea.

After realizing there was nowhere to be found, they decided to abandon the search for him, and go dump the heap of sand at the delivery site. They decided to continue with their search for him, upon their return.

Upon arriving at the site, 2 friends got down from the truck and went behind the back of the car to direct the driver, upon reverse.

There, they got to the specified location and tipped off the back of the truck.

The sand poured from the back slowly, but suddenly left a package on its heap. That was their brother; dead or lifeless.

It was a river of tears that flowed from everyone’s eyes.

Their friend was gone.

It was a sadness news!!!


The Story Lessons:

  1. ) We’ve said time and time again, that C.E.Os, construction managers and workers of companies should make sure everybody leaves for home immediately they close from work. W should not approve their stay on the campsite site as nobody will be there for their rescue if something should happen.
  2. ) Should it even be allowed, they are to make sure everyone reports himself at the restrooms.
  3. ) Now, never go anywhere around the camp without telling anyone where you’re going; now, if possible, go in twos or threes and make sure your boss (or your heads) knows your whereabouts. Where they claim they are leaving for, they should be sure they have spoken the truth to the authorities, so that in case of any emergence they could easily be tracked. 

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